Clown World: UK Hospitals Are Now Being Encouraged to Ask ALL Men Under 60 if they are PREGNANT Before Getting Medical Procedures

It’s 2022 – up is down, right is wrong, the sky is green, and, yet, men still cannot become pregnant – but don’t tell that to the so-called ‘medical professionals in the UK.

Hospitals across England are embracing the woke new age and are now being encouraged to ask everyone – MAN or woman – if they are pregnant or not before they can get certain medical procedures.

Welcome to the clown world.

New guidance from several National Health Service trusts, which are similar to US State Hospital Associations, is telling UK hospitals to ask the pregnancy question to “all patients under the age of 60, regardless of how [they] may identify [their] gender,” before treatment for certain conditions, according to the UK Telegraph.

The policy change comes after health officials were bullied and pressured by trans activists who claimed that the existence of “single-sex” wards in hospitals amounted to discrimination against trans people, among other baseless assertions.

In fact, just last month, there was a highly publicized case in the UK of a man who claimed to be transgender that was placed in a female hospital ward and raped one of the women. The hospital, in a shameful attempt to protect the ruling class’ agenda, covered up the crime by claiming there was not a “man” staying in the woman’s ward; therefore, the rape was not possible.

Only after a full year did the hospital admit the crime took place.

From the Daily Mail:

“A hospital has finally admitted a woman may have been raped by a transgender patient after denying the possibility of an attack for almost a year, the House of Lords has heard. 

When police were called to the unnamed hospital in England, they were allegedly told by staff that ‘there was no male’ on the single-sex ward, ‘therefore the rape could not have happened’. 

But almost 12 months later, they revealed one of the patients had been trans.  

The details of the case were shared by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne during a debate on single-sex wards in the Upper Chamber yesterday. 

She claimed: ‘They forgot that there was CCTV, nurses and observers.

‘None the less, it has taken nearly a year for the hospital to agree that there was a male on the ward and, yes, this rape happened.”

It shouldn’t have to be pointed out that language really does matter, but they are literally changing the definition of “man” and “woman” in order to pull off semantic tricks like this.

Nevertheless, Hospitals in the UK are committing to be more “sensitive” to the trans community, so they are now being encouraged to ask men if they are ‘with child’, just to make sure they don’t offend or confuse anyone.

However, some citizens are calling the question “unfair” and saying that it actually causes “unnecessary confusion and agitation” for certain patients. One woman, whose husband had just gone through brain surgery for cancer, said that the question was upsetting for him because of his dazed state post-surgery.

She explained to the UK Telegraph:

“This was very confusing for him in his post-surgical daze, his vulnerability and needs completely ignored,” she said.

Despite this man’s, and surely many others’ bewilderment, UK hospitals will push on with the agenda, asking the question whenever there is a potential risk to unborn children involved, including procedures like diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine.


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