Blue State Dems Lose Two Gerrymandered Maps In The Courts — Courts Say Maps Were Too Biased

Two state judges just halted Democrats’ gerrymandering efforts in Maryland and New York.

Congressional maps were struck down in both states because the maps were too biased toward Democrats.

The Hill reported:

Judges in two deep blue states in the last week have struck down Democratic efforts to draw favorable congressional district map lines, stinging rebukes to a party that for the last decade have used the judicial branch to even the playing field with Republicans.

State court judges in Maryland and New York ruled that the Democratic-controlled legislatures there violated their respective constitutions by unduly favoring one party over another in the decennial redistricting process.

New York legislators earlier this year approved new congressional district lines that would have given Democrats the advantage in 20 of the Empire State’s 26 congressional districts, and Republicans an edge in only four seats. The remaining two seats, currently held by Reps. Antonio Delgado (D) and Sean Patrick Maloney (D), narrowly favor Democrats.

In Maryland, after a decade of maps that elected seven Democrats and just one Republican, the legislature got even more aggressive. Maps passed in December would have added thousands of new Democratic voters to an Eastern Shore district held by Rep. Andy Harris (R), endangering the state’s lone remaining Republican.

Since the Democrats have almost no chance of winning in a free and fair elections, they are attempting to steal the 2022 election through redistricting.

“And the Old Broken-Down Crow Mitch McConnell Sits Back and Does Nothing” – President Trump Releases Statement on GOP Getting Screwed in Redistricting

Thanks to a few patriotic judges, the Democrats’ plan seems to be failing.

The Cook Political Report has even predicted that the Democrats are only expected to net two House seats from redistricting rather than the 4-5 that was initially expected.

November is coming!

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