‘Automatic Gunfire’ Near Upper NW DC School, at Least Three Wounded Including One Juvenile

The sound of automatic gunfire was heard in the upper northwest neighborhood of Vann Ness in Washington, D.C. Friday afternoon. Police report at least three people wounded: Two adult males and one juvenile female. The shooting took place near the private Edmund Burke School (grades 6-12), but there is no word on whether the victims are students. A witness reported seeing students run from the school. Another witness reported shattered glass at the school. That was later explained by another witness of a glass enclosed walway at the school that had been shattered. (UPDATE: Short video of apparent live stream by shooter added at end of article (until taken down).

Screen image via John Henry/WUSA/Twitter

A nearby resident recorded one of the bursts of gunfire (which could be true automatic or via a bump stock.)


Initial D.C. police report, “MPD is responding to the 4100 block of Connecticut Avenue, NW for the report of at least 2 shooting victims. There is a large police presence in the area. Updates will follow.”

Police update: “4:27 pm Update: There have been at least 3 victims located of two adult males and one juvenile female. Please continue to avoid the area and shelter in place.”

Witness, “I was in Rock Creek park when it happened. Automatic gunfire, around 20-24 rounds, in 4 bursts. I hope no one got killed.”


Another witness, “The shooter has shot about 5 20 round bursts. Hasn’t been shots in a few minutes but officers do not have the suspect yet.”

“The police presence is in the ally on the west side of the school. A few classrooms got out and went East. Doesn’t seem to be involving the school, just next to.”

Another witness: “Glass shattered at the walkway of the Edmund Burke School. Please share if you have more information.”


UPDATE: Man in handcuffs led away by police but police presence has not cleared.

Photos of TV screen image of man in custody (distorted perspective):

Better perspective ratio:


UPDATE: Shooter apparently streamed attack:

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