UPDATE: Why Has Will Smith Not Been Arrested After Committing Assault and Battery on Live Television?

Hollywood Hits “Rock” Bottom–

As Cassandra Fairbanks reported earlier — Will Smith rushed the Oscar stage and decked comedian Chris Rock in the face for making a joke about his wife.

Smith then went back and sat down and screamed profanities at Rock on the stage. That was uncomfortable.

WATCH: Will Smith Rushes Oscar Stage And Socks Chris Rock In The Face For Insulting His Wife

Here’s the video again.

This was an assault caught on national TV.

Will Smith later won the Oscar for best actor.

He was still in the audience after his assault on national TV.

So why was he not charged for assault?

Why was he allowed to sit in the front row during the show?

Why was he given an award after assaulting the host on stage?

Smith committed assault and battery on live TV.

California Penal Code Section 242 PC: Battery
1. Definition and Elements of the Crime

Battery under California Penal Code Section 242 PC is a frequently-filed criminal offense that involves any intentional and unlawful physical contact on another person. Battery is often discussed in connection with the offense of assault under California Penal Code Section 240 PC, however these are two separate crimes composed of their own individual elements.

To prove a charge of battery, a prosecutor must be able to establish the following elements:

The defendant intentionally and unlawfully touched another person in a harmful or offensive manner.
AND the defendant did not act in self defense, in defense of someone else, or while reasonably disciplining a child.
The slightest touch can be enough to satisfy the battery statute, if it is done in a rude or angry manner. Making any contact with a person, even if it is just through his or her clothing, is also enough to violate the statute. The touch in question does not have to cause pain or injury. In addition, the physical contact can be made on something closely connected to a person. For example, if a person is holding an object or riding a bicycle and another person strikes the object or the bicycle, that person could be charged with battery in both incidents because of the close connection between the physical object and the other person.

Thanks to Democrats it’s OK to smack people in the face now.

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