Ukrainians Seeking Asylum Denied Entry at the US Southern Border Due to Covid-19 Policy (VIDEO)

Several Ukrainians seeking asylum in the United States were turned away by US border patrol officers due to the Covid-19 policy made last 2020.

In an interview with San Diego Union Tribune, a Ukrainian national, Sofiia,  fled her country together with her three children heading to the only family she has outside of Ukraine, a U.S. citizen who lives in California.

The 34-year-old mother was denied entry to the US twice due to the Covid-19 policy. This brought confusion to the asylum seekers because Joe Biden made an announcement to welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms.

Biden has opened the US border to over 2 million illegal aliens in one year without any ID or Covid testing documentation.

San Diego Union Tribune reported:

U.S. border officials in San Diego on Wednesday turned away a Ukrainian family that was trying to seek asylum from the Russian invasion.

The 34-year-old mother, who asked to be identified as Sofiia, and her three children ages 14, 12 and 6, said that when she fled her country, she headed to the only family she has outside of Ukraine — U.S. citizens who live in California. But she was turned back by the same border policies that have stopped asylum seekers from around the world and stranded them in Tijuana for years.

“I’m not asking for anything from the United States, just to be let in,” Sofiia said. “All we need is to be safe. All we want is to keep our lives safe.”

She has a typed letter from her U.S. relatives explaining who she is and promising to take care of her living expenses.

A spokesperson from Customs and Border Protection said the agency is “looking into the situation.”

While the United States offered “temporary protected status” to Ukrainians already present in the U.S. when the invasion began, that protection from deportation does not extend to anyone who arrives later. That means any Ukrainians who manage to flee to the U.S. border will have to navigate the same restrictions that have sent other asylum seekers back to Mexico, where thousands of asylum seekers have faced kidnappings, assaults and other violent attacks.

Sofiia only learned about the policy after she was turned away from the border twice — once in a car and once on foot.

She had been a Hebrew teacher in Ukraine.

“It was OK until February 24,” she said, referencing the date that Russia invaded her country.

Her family members in California urged her to get out. She had to leave behind most of her loved ones, including her mother, and drove her car to Moldova, then Romania.

“I left a little bit before it got too tough, but now my family can’t even leave their houses. It was my luck I listened to my friends,” Sofiia said. “I was afraid for my kids. That’s why I left.”

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Ever since Biden took office, he has opened the floodgates on the US Southern Border, catching the attention of the entire world in the process.

At least these Ukrainians are educated war refugees and not illiterate third-world economic migrants.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that this influx of Russians and Ukrainians did not begin when Putin invaded Ukraine, either. Instead, it has been going on for several months, increasing as time goes on, as the prospect of war in the region heated up. According to U.S. border officials, around 6,400 Russians were encountered between October 2021 and January 2022, which is substantially more than the number seen in all of the fiscal year 2021 (4,100).

Following Putin’s invasion, the number is expected to rise dramatically as more people are displaced. The number of encounters for February and March has not been released as of yet, so there is no word as of yet on how much of increase border agents are seeing currently.

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