Say What? Biden Demands Congress Approve More Covid Funding Now Because “We are Not Going to Have Enough Money to Purchase” New Vaccines Later (VIDEO)

Now that Joe Biden has proven himself to be nothing short of a dangerous liability after his disastrous trip to Eastern Europe last week, his handlers are pivoting back to COVID in an attempt to memory hole Joe’s complete incompetence.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden received his fourth dose of the experimental vaccine and spoke to reporters afterward to advocate for Congress to approve more COVID funding immediately in order to prepare for “new variants” that could arise in the future.

According to Biden, if US lawmakers don’t approve billions more in taxpayer funds, America apparently won’t have the money to purchase vaccines or develop new ones when the next wave hits.

Yes… really. The so-called leader of the most prosperous nation in history says we will run out of money for ‘healthcare,’ and soon. But hey, let’s send another couple billion to Ukraine to fund the Globalist proxy war against Russia. No issues with finding the money for that cause.

We are not a serious country with this current criminal cabal in charge.

From Biden:

If we need a different vaccine for the future to combat a new variant, we are not going to have enough money to purchase it.”

Considering the shellacking the US dollar is currently taking, in addition to the skyrocketing inflation, Biden’s warning could be more than a gaffe, as we are used to seeing. Did he just say the quiet part out loud?

Instead of sending pallets of cash around the world to fund the Globalist’s twisted agenda, how about taking care of the people at home and upholding the oath of office? But that’s simply too much to ask for this fraudulent regime.


Just last week, Biden came out and said that food shortages are coming and they’re going to “be real.” So his comments on Wednesday seem to fall in line.

Joe Biden: Expect “Real” Food Shortages in Europe and the United States (VIDEO)

After we finally emerged from “Biden’s Winter of sickness and death,” we ended up in Biden’s Springtime of famine and depression.

Stolen elections have consequences.


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