Radical Wisconsin Judge Attacks Special Counsel Investigating Elections – Rules Election Investigators Misspelled a Word in an Email and “Deserving of Punitive Damages”

Last year the Wisconsin State Assembly sanctioned an investigation into 2020 election fraud. The Special Counsel (OSC) team of investigators has been attacked with lawfare since that time. They currently face 9 different lawsuits from the left intended to derail or impede the election investigation. Some involve records requests and others, including efforts by the radical Democrat WI State Attorney General Josh Kaul, are to block election investigation subpoenas. Here’s one example.

To regular Americans, the below OSC response on Dec. 4th, 2021 to a records request is perfectly fine and professional. It even includes PDF files fulfilling some of the requested records. But according to Judge Remington, the OSC email was too short, only 3 sentences. The more egregious offense was the misspelling of ONE word. On February 2nd, Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington found the Wisconsin OSC team to be “unconsidered” and having “irrational conduct” over this email response.

This email was just too egregious for Judge Frank Remington. He ruled: “This is the sort of Unconsidered and Irrational Conduct deserving of punitive damages” as shown below. Throughout his 52-page ruling, Frank condescendingly calls this communication the “misspelled email”. It’s hard to refer to him as a judge at this point.

This two-tier example of justice was fast-tracked for the left. It was 5 months from the original request for records to the damages ruling. This timeline is really unheard of, especially when involving records about an active investigation. The list of Frank’s punishment against OSC start on page 50, and includes $$ fines too.

The WI OSC told the court that disclosing information related to an open investigation can obviously jeopardize the entire case. They also point to laws that specifically prevent doing this. In the Dec. 4th OSC email they clearly explain this and that some information must remain secret until the investigation is over. It’s well known the investigation is short-staffed. They have evidence yet to be followed up with. Frank Remington doesn’t care, demands OSC cough up anything the lefties want. The WI OSC is appealing this crazy ruling.

The same tactics that were used in Arizona are being used against the Wisconsin State Assembly, The Assembly Office of Special Counsel (OSC), Mr. Michael Gableman, Speaker Robert Vos, and so on. Lawsuits in Arizona over records requests were used to relentlessly pound the Cyber Ninjas, the AZ Senate, conservative politicians, and others associated with investigating election fraud. The goal is twofold. Any records collected are meticulously scrutinized, especially communications, to spin a negative narrative. Secondly, the well-funded lefty lawsuits over records requests are used to slow, impede, or discredit the investigation and its team members.

The hard-left group American Oversight has filed three lawsuits against the WI State election investigation. Another case is in front of Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn. Attorney Christa Westerberg represents AO in this case. Local Wisconsin news outlets including Fox, along with the national media like the USAToday network, relentlessly run stories about the legal battles over records requests. This is done to confuse citizens. A loss over one stage of the records request is spun as a loss in the election investigation and its credibility.

Frank has a history of radical rulings. A couple of years ago he rescinded Marsay’s Law which was passed by nearly 75% of WI voters. It protects the rights of crime victims with timely notice of the offenders’ release, notification of key proceedings, and much more. Frank didn’t like the wording on the ballot. Frank Remington has been a judge in the Dane County Circuit Court since 2012 and is up for election in 2024.

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