Moderna CEO Admits It’s Possible that the Vaccine Maker Patented DNA Three Years Before the Pandemic Could Match Genetic in the COVID-19 Virus

In a shocking interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, Moderna CEO admitted that it is possible that the gene sequence patented by the vaccine company three years before the pandemic could be in Covid-19’s spike protein.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel told Maria Bartiromo that it’s likely that a lab in China was working on virus enhancement or gene modification. And the hypothesis of an escape from the lab by accident is also feasible.

“My scientists are looking into those data to see accurate, or they are not. As I’ve said before, the hypothesis of an escape from a lab by accident is possible. Humans makes mistakes, so it is possible that one lab in China was working on viruses enhancement or gene modification,” Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel told Maria.

“And then there’s an accident where somebody was infected in the lab and then infected their families and friends. It is possible on the claim you just mentioned, the scientists analyzing to know if it’s real or not,” he continued.

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Last month, the Daily Mail reported a genetic match discovered in Covid’s unique furin cleavage site on spike protein matched genetic sequence patented by Moderna for cancer research purposes.

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Fresh suspicion that Covid may have been tinkered with in a lab emerged today after scientists found genetic material owned by Moderna in the virus’s spike protein.

They identified a tiny snippet of code that is identical to part of a gene patented by the vaccine maker three years before the pandemic.

It was discovered in SARS-CoV-2’s unique furin cleavage site, the part that makes it so good at infecting people and separates it from other coronaviruses.

The structure has been one of the focal points of debate about the virus’s origin, with some scientists claiming it could not have been acquired naturally.

The international team of researchers suggest the virus may have mutated to have a furin cleavage site during experiments on human cells in a lab.

They claim there is a one-in-three-trillion chance Moderna’s sequence randomly appeared through natural evolution.

But there is some debate about whether the match is as rare as the study claims, with other experts describing it as a ‘quirky’ coincidence rather than a ‘smoking gun’.

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Moderna is also facing a lawsuit after two biotech companies accused the vaccine manufacturer of patent infringement on its COVID-19 vaccine.

Arbutus Biopharma and Genevant Sciences sued Moderna over infringement claims on six patents concerning the manufacture and sale of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine.

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