“Maybe They’re Manipulating You”– Tucker Exposes “Shrinkflation”

Joe Biden’s economy has been a complete disaster.

The February inflation rate soared to 7.9% — a 40-year-high.

BREAKING: February Inflation Rate Soars to 7.9% — 40 Year High — Was at 1.4% When Biden Came into Office (VIDEO)

Now, there are worries that Biden’s inflation issues might be even worse than the government is letting on.

It’s because of “shrinkflation.”

“Shrinkflation” is when manufacturers give you less of a product despite you having to pay more or the same amount for the product.

Here are examples Tucker gave:

— The amount of Cheerios you get has dropped from 19.3oz to 18.1oz.

— You are getting 18 fewer sheets in “Bounty triple” paper towels.

— A bag of Doritos has gotten smaller – Americans now get 5 fewer chips per bag.

That wasn’t all. Tucker also pointed out that the government is no longer tracking this consistently – despite the fact they are supposed to.

Partial transcript:

“The government is supposed to track shrinkflation as part of the CPI, the consumer price index but has not been doing it consistently… that’s kind of weird… I wonder why? Maybe so you won’t know the scale of what is happening”


What other tricks are they pulling?

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