Clarence Thomas Is “Fine”: Justice Breyer

TMZ posted video Thursday of a brief interview with retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, with Breyer saying that fellow Justice Clarence Thomas is “fine.” Breyer did not say whether Thomas has been released from the D.C. hospital where he was admitted last Friday for an infection. The Supreme Court issued a statement Sunday saying Thomas was expected to be released in a day or two but has given no further update except to say Thomas does not have COVID.

Breyer was interviewed as he went to dine at Cafe Milano in Georgetown. Asked about Thomas, Breyer said, “I think he’s fine.” Beyer’s statement on Thomas is consistent with what a source familiar with Thomas’ condition told TGP this week.

Breyer declined to comment on the contentious Senate confirmation hearing for his replacement, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, saying, “Their politics is not my affair. My affair is done.”

Excerpt and video via TMZ:

Justice Thomas was hospitalized last Friday after he experienced flu-like symptoms. Turns out it was an infection, which was being treated with IV antibiotics.

The SCOTUS Public Information Office said a few days ago, Thomas was expected to be released Tuesday, but on Wednesday the PIO was mum, not saying if Thomas is back home or still laid up in the hospital.

Justice Breyer said simply, Thomas is fine.

Original Supreme Court statement:

March 20, 2022

Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., on Friday evening after experiencing flu-like symptoms. He underwent tests, was diagnosed with an infection, and is being treated with intravenous antibiotics. His symptoms are abating, he is resting comfortably, and he expects to be released from the hospital in a day or two. Justice Thomas will participate in the consideration and discussion of any cases for which he is not present on the basis of the briefs, transcripts, and audio of the oral arguments.

UPDATE: The Hill reported a friend of Thomas, Armstrong Williams, echoing Breyers’ comment:

Thomas’s close friend Armstrong Williams on Thursday told The Hill that Thomas is “resting and he’s going to be just fine” but declined to elaborate further on the justice’s health. Pressed on whether Thomas was still in the hospital, Williams declined to answer.

“It doesn’t matter. He’s resting and doing well,” he said, adding: “I don’t think the public cares about where he’s resting — it’s that he’s resting and he’s doing fine. I think the media cares about where he’s resting. The public doesn’t.”

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