SHAMEFUL: FOX Business Host Liz Claman Condemns Jan. 6 Protesters to Life Behind Bars Without Pardon — Has NO IDEA what She’s Talking About (VIDEO)

Liz Claman is the popular host of The Claman Countdown on FOX Business Network.  She has been with FBN since 2007.   On Sunday Liz joined Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz on FOX News.

During their discussion on Sunday, they played video of President Trump saying he would pardon the January 6 prisoners.  Trump also said he disagreed with Sen. Lindsey Graham who has no desire to pardon or investigate the hundreds of cases against Trump supporters arrested after the January 6, 2021 protests and riot.

Liz Claman agreed with Lindsey Graham saying, “The Republicans are known for the party of law and order.  If somebody breaks the law then they should be punished.  So an outright pardon would surely diminish or vaporize any kind of responsibility for what happened and all the video evidence that’s out there from January 6.  And Howie, if Lindsey Graham is a RINO then Ronald Reagan is to…  Republicans believe if you attack a cop, if you attack multiple cops then you should pay for that crime.

Later in the segment Liz Claman added this, “When a national political party like the Republicans define all of the attacks that we saw with hockey sticks and tasers and all kinds of weapons including the American flagpole  being used as a spear, when they define that as political legitimate discourse, I can pretty much guarantee you they got bigger problems than Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.”

What a shameful, ignorant and heartless appearance.

Apparently, Liz Claman is just fine with political prisoners, many who committed NO violence, several who never even went inside the US Capitol, being held in isolation for 23 hours a day without trial?

** Does Liz Claman believe support the hundreds of FBI raids with dozens of armed agents at the homes of innocent Americans who walked inside the US Capitol that day?

** Has Liz Claman heard about how Capitol Police killed Rosanne Boyland on the steps of the US Capitol?  How they nearly killed Philip Anderson?  Does she know that J-6 prisoner Jake Lang, who is currently on a hunger strike, rescued Philip Anderson from death?

** Did Liz see Lt. Mike Byrd running around the US Capitol that day with his finger on the trigger?  Did she see him shoot Ashli Babbitt in cold blood without warning?  Does she agree that Byrd did the right thing killing the young woman and then running away?  Does she agree that he should have been pardoned without even an interview?

** Did Liz hear about how the Democrats targeted Brandon Straka who did not go into the US Capitol because he allegedly screamed, “Hold the line!” Now they shut him down for a year, shut down the #WalkAway campaign and silenced Brandon for over a year?

** Does Liz Claman know about Jeremy Brown, a retired Green Beret, who rescued a woman from Capitol Hill police that day, who stood outside the US Capitol and now sits in jail in Pinellas County, Florida, because he would not be an informant for the FBI that day?  Has Liz ever played the video of FBI agents at Jeremy’s home on her show from December 2020 before the Jan 6 protests?  Does Liz know they arrested Jeremy because he was standing inside the no-go zone that was not roped off that day because the pylons were removed before the protesters arrived at the US Capitol?

** Does Liz Claman know about the two young engineers from St. Louis who asked the Capitol Police if they could enter the US Capitol?  The police told them to go ahead.  The two young engineers then asked another officer at the top of the stairs if it was OK to be inside the Capitol and they were told it was OK.  But then the two young men left immediately because they did not feel comfortable.  Now they’ve been arrested and face prison.  Does Liz Claman support this too?

** Does Liz Claman support the FBI storming the home of Dr. Simone Gold because she entered the US Capitol and started talking about hydroxychloroquine, a drug she has rightfully promoted for months to treat COVID?  The FBI broke her door down and threatened and arrested her for walking inside the US Capitol?  Seriously?

** Does Liz Claman think the horned protester Jacob Chansley deserves 41 months in prison for walking through the US Capitol and telling protesters to not break anything? This was after a police officer waved him in too!

** Does Liz Claman believe the 40 men and a woman in the DC prison do not deserve showers or haircuts because they won’t take the COVID Vaccine?  Does Liz think they deserve months of isolation?  Do they deserve bail like the Black Lives Matter rioters?  Do they deserve to have their case heard in court before she passes judgment?

** Does Liz Claman believe the one afternoon riot and brawls with police compare to the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots where Democrat endorsed protesters caused $2 billion in property damage?

** Did Liz Claman see ANY historic paintings, artwork, or historical documents damaged on January 6th?  BLM torched at least one historic church in DC and a historic courthouse in Nashville and that’s just the start of their damage.

** Has Liz Claman seen the 14,000 hours of footage the Capitol Police and Democrats refuse to release?

** And finally, does Liz Claman know the name of even a SINGLE PROTESTER being held indefinitely by the DOJ for their role in the Jan. 6 riots.

How many more reporters are just like Liz Claman?  They don’t know a thing about the people who are being detained by the Biden DOJ and they don’t really care.





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