Delay, Delay: Federal Judge Restructures Timeline For FDA To Release FOIA Pfizer Vaccine Documents, Issues No Ruling on if Pfizer Can Interfere; Document Schedule Is Now Significantly Back-Loaded, Only 20,000 Pages will Be Released Through April – What Are They Hiding?

In yet another delay, a Federal Judge issued an order that changes the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) release schedule for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that requires the agency to begin turning over all of the 450,000-plus documents that were analyzed in its decision to approve Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

On Wednesday, Texas Northern District Judge Mark Pittman made the decision after the group behind the FOIA request, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, filed a joint status report that reached an agreement with the government on how fast the documents will be produced.

The FDA had originally asked for 75 years, but Judge Pittman shot down the ridiculous request in January, setting a schedule that would see the documents turned over in a matter of months.

The original timeline for the documents to come out required the FDA to release over 12,000 documents on January 31st and 55,000 every 30 days after that, which would have taken a total of about 8 months. Thankfully, the new schedule does not prolong the overall timeline, but it does backload it significantly, leaving the information in the hands of an agency that has been deceptively hiding information for months and actively attempting to cover its own ass.

Editors note: After publishing, Public Health and Medical Proffessionals for Transparency confirmed that the FDA has indeed released ~12,000 pages of CRF files through the FOIA request, meeting the January 31st deadline – A previous version of this post stated that the FDA was able to surpass the deadline without producing the required documents, and that the overall timeline would be delayed by about 30 days, but PHMPT also confirmed that all documents will be released on schedule, taking about 8 months.

Instead of 55,000 pages a month starting March 1, the FDA now will only be required to release 10,000 pages, with another 10,000 following on April 1st.

Keep in mind that on the original timeline, the FDA would have produced over 122,000 documents by that time – with this, the number is only 20,000.

Beginning in May, the FDA is required to produce 80,000 additional pages for the next three months, one due May 2, one due June 1, and one due July 1, before ramping back down. On August 1st, another 70,000 pages will be required, with 55,000 coming on the first of each month after that, until all documents are released.

By November, all of the information should be public, which is on-line with the original timeline.

The schedule change comes just days after Pfizer filed a motion that asked the judge to allow the vaccine manufacturer to interfere in the release of the data by making its own redactions to the documents to go alongside the FDA’s redactions, but no decision has been reached by Judge Pittman on that matter as of yet.

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One thing is for sure, the FDA does not want these documents to get out to the public; from lawsuits – to ridiculous requests – to getting the vaccine maker to interfere in the American public’s right to know under the constitution, the Fauci-backed FDA is doing everything it can to bury this information and never let it see the light of day.

If the documents were anything like the ones the FDA was forced to release in November, it’s no wonder why.

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Start the clock, yet again. Bombshells should be incoming on March 1st… nukes coming in May.


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