Banana Republic: Friday’s Parliamentary Debate on Trudeau’s Use of Emergencies Act is CANCELED Due to Police Crackdown on Truckers

On Friday, the Canadian Parliament canceled its debate over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act because of the ongoing police crackdown on the trucker convoy protests in Ottawa.

In an unprecedented move earlier this week, Trudeau announced the use of the Emergencies Act against the truckers, granting himself the wide range of powers that he is currently using to punish the grassroots uprising.

Although Trudeau’s decision went into effect immediately, both the Canadian Senate and House of Commons must vote to uphold the Emergency Act for it to remain in place. They are usually permitted 5 days of debate – Friday would have been day 5 – but the final session was abruptly canceled…

…And on the same day that Trudeau unleashed the full force of law enforcement granted to him under the act to disperse and arrest protesters in Ottawa, no less.

BIG STANDOFF IN OTTAWA – Hundreds of Cops Brought In – Snipers on Buildings – Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square

Nevertheless, Canadian Parliament Members were told to take the day off over “safety” concerns, as cops begin beating the overwhelmingly peaceful protesters and dragging them away.

Closed-door meetings are expected to continue throughout the weekend, with a vote on whether or not to uphold Trudeau’s unprecedented use of the Act still set for Monday.

Speaker of the House Anthony Rota made the announcement early Friday morning.

The #HoC [House of Commons] will not sit today, Friday, February 18. A police operation is expected in the downtown core of Ottawa. Given these exceptional circumstances, and following discussion with all recognized party leadership, the sitting today is cancelled.”

Rota continued:

“As per the Parliamentary Protective Service’s (PPS) most recent email notification, a police operation is expected to take place on Wellington Street and other locations in the downtown core of Ottawa.

We wish to remind everyone that safety is paramount. The situation is ever-changing. The continued presence of vehicles and demonstrators associated with the convoy, alongside police operations, will impact the downtown core.

If you are not in the House of Commons precinct, stay away from the downtown core until further notice

The PPS will advise when it is safe to return downtown. Should you already be in the precinct, please remain in the building and await further instructions from PPS officers. Please stay close to your devices and watch for updates from the PPS.”

The decision to fully cancel Friday’s debate is questionable at best, especially since the capability to hold the session virtually through zoom is already in place. After all, virtual meetings are how governments across the world, including Canada’s, functioned throughout the pandemic.

Another great example of leftist ‘democracy’ in action.


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