Protest Forms in Minneapolis After Police Fatally Shoot Armed Black Man While Executing No-Knock Warrant (VIDEO)

A protest is forming in Minneapolis after police fatally shot an armed black man while executing a no-knock warrant.

Police cam footage shows SWAT officers fatally shooting 22-year-old Amir Locke on Wednesday shortly after entering the apartment.

Amir Locke, who is black, appeared to be asleep on the couch when police entered the apartment with their weapons drawn.

Locke was under a blanket on the couch and when he rolled over to face police, a gun can clearly be seen in his hand.

“Get on the ground! Get on the f*cking ground!” an officer shouts before shots were fired.

Police confirmed that Locke was not the subject of the search warrant.

Video warning: profane language and graphic content:

Additional body cam footage:

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar is already blaming police before a thorough investigation into the fatal shooting.

“The officer in the case has been put on paid administrative leave while Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigates the killing.” NPR reported.

“Locke’s family has retained attorneys Ben Crump and Jeff Storms. In a statement sent to NPR, Crump’s office said that Locke “has several family members in law enforcement and no past criminal history,” adding that he “legally possessed a firearm at the time of his death.”” NPR added.

Amir Locke’s father riled up a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis on Friday when he claimed his son “did the right thing” by pointing his gun to the ground.

“I saw in that instant he did the right thing.” Andre Locke, Amir Locke’s father, said.

Andre Locke said that when he watched the police cam footage of his son’s shooting, he saw Amir’s finger off the trigger, gun pointed toward the ground.

“I said, we’ll get justice Amir.”


A car caravan protest formed Friday night.


The caravan arrived at Bolero Flats where Amir Locke was fatally shot.


The governor activated National Guard troops in anticipation of violent riots.

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