‘The People’s Convoy’ SWELLS to Over 1,000 Vehicles as Truckers Pass Through Texas (VIDEOS)

The American truckers are gearing up for a massive protest in Washington DC in opposition to tyrannical COVID mandates.

Similar to the truckers in Ottawa, the US Convoy plans to disrupt traffic in DC over the coming days and weeks, beginning around the time of Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union Address that’s scheduled for Tuesday, March first. Thousands of protesters are expected to arrive for the demonstration, with several groups departing from across the country daily – and some have already reached the Nation’s Capital.

US Trucker Convoy Organizer Says They Will Be ‘Giant Boa Constrictor,’ Squeezing, Choking, and Swallowing DC

On Saturday, one of the largest groups that’s making its way to Washington – The Peoples Convoy – swelled to over 1,500 vehicles as it made its way through Texas, according to reports on the ground.

In just under 2 days, the convoy grew by almost 10x, picking up around 1,200 cars and trucks since leaving Arizona.

The group has made camp for the night in Elk City, Oklahoma and will resume their journey in the morning.

Take a look, via El American News, which is traveling with the convoy:

In Texas alone, the convoy picked up an additional 500 vehicles or so – many of them trucks.



Just like their other stops, the truckers were again greeted by a massive crowd of supporters who brought donations, food, drinks, and supplies when they arrived in Elk City for the night.

If this keeps up like this, Biden and the DC Swamp won’t know what hit them – the convoy is this big already and it isn’t even halfway to their final destination yet, and they have supplies pouring in that will last them for a long time.



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