NFL Hall Of Famer Demands Name Be Removed From New Washington Football Jerseys

The Washington Football Team officially announced that they would now be known as the Washington Commanders.

Since 1937, the team was called the Washington Redskins — but was changed due to cancel culture.

Now, one of the best to ever play for the franchise, Hall of Famer John Riggins, has asked his name to be taken off of the new Washington Commanders jerseys.

Newsweek reported:

Pro Football Hall of Famer John Riggins has demanded that his name be taken off of the new Washington Commanders jerseys, saying that he felt “dirty” seeing his name on a team jersey that wasn’t his own.

“I feel completely disenfranchised. I can’t understand how anyone who once played under the old franchise name could possibly want to be a part of anything to do with the Washington Commanders,” Riggins, who was a star rusher for the Washington Redskins in the 1970s and 1980s, said.

“That makes me feel filthy,” Riggins added. “I feel dirty, I don’t want anything to do with it. Maybe I will change. Maybe I need a little more time, I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right to me.”

When the name change was initially announced Trump blasted the organization for dropping the Redskins name.

NBCSports reported:

After a weekend where momentum for a Redskins name change reached never-before-seen heights, President Donald Trump weighed in on the topic Monday.

Here’s what the President said on Twitter about the issue, where he also commented about the Cleveland Indians, who are considering a name change of their own:

They name teams out of STRENGTH, not weakness, but now the Washington Redskins & Cleveland Indians, two fabled sports franchises, look like they are going to be changing their names in order to be politically correct. Indians, like Elizabeth Warren, must be very angry right now!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 6, 2020

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