National Guard Troops “Scrambling” to Secure Tow Trucks as DC Swamp Braces for US Trucker Convoy

The DC Swamp is ‘scrambling’ to find tow trucks as officials frantically brace for the arrival of multiple American trucker convoys that are gearing up for a massive protest in the Nation’s Capitol.

A group called The Peoples Convoy, which is planning on departing from California on Wednesday, claims to have an army of 1,000 truckers ready “right out of the gate,” with even more set to join them as the convoy travels to DC. On top of that, there are also several other groups that are planning trips of their own.

US Trucker Convoy Organizer Says They Will Be ‘Giant Boa Constrictor,’ Squeezing, Choking, and Swallowing DC

The potentially massive blockade is due to begin arriving next week, which has left the Biden regime panicking – after all, the last thing this embarrassment of a president needs is an Ottawa situation on his hands, especially as he’s trying to save face with the Russia – Ukraine debacle.

The DC swamp has called all hands on deck for the incoming protests. In addition to local law enforcement officers and the Capitol Hill Police, the DC National Guard has been enlisted to help, with some members having already been deployed. Starting today, “DC’s National Guard Land Component Command” will be “encamped” within the city as it prepares for the convoy’s arrival, according to two separate notices that were obtained by Breitbart News.

The troops are set to be stationed through March 7th but could remain even longer depending on how the situation with the truckers plays out.

From Breitbart:

“According to the notice, the National Guard will encamp through Monday, March 7. The notice stated that soldiers were already on standby to support the State of the Union address, which is scheduled for March 1.

A separate notice stated that the encampment could last longer than March 7, and would be in support of the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).”

It’s worth noting that throughout Trudeau’s brutal crackdowns in Ottawa over the weekend, he never called in the military. But here Biden is – a week before the protesters arrive – calling in the troops.

Law enforcement officials have hit somewhat of a snag prepping for the incoming protest, and are currently “scrambling to secure heavy tow trucks” that would be used to haul away large trucks participating in the convoy, according to reports.

From Fox News’ DC correspondent Chad Pergram:

“[Via] colleague Gillian Turner. Police around DC area have told [National] Guard that the trucker convoy intends to shut down the [DC] Beltway and major roads leading in and out of DC. The [National Guard is scrambling to secure heavy tow trucks to haul away semis which may try to block roads.”

Naturally, some lawmakers also hysterically began demonizing the convoy before any trucks have even rolled out.

In a separate update, Pergram spoke with Democrat House Rep. Don Beyer (VA), who says he fears that a blockade in DC would end up shutting down “half the country.” Beyer also described the demonstration as a “disaster and very unwelcome,” and claimed to not know “anybody” in DC who would “want to be part of something like this.”

From Pergram:

“Dem VA Rep Beyer on if a trucker convoy attempts to encircle the Capital Beltway: I think it would be a disaster and very unwelcome..I don’t know anybody who lives in metropolitan Washington who would want to be part of something like this.

Beyer: If the Beltway gets jammed up, everything stops in this region. But not only in this region. This is also the main north-south route from Boston to Maine, all the way to would shut down half the country.”

The Trucker Convoy’s, and the people’s, demands are simple – a permanent end to this COVID tyranny. Until that happens, more and more people will join together to fight for their freedom, which has caused the White House and the DC Swamp to go into full panic mode.


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