Ukrainian Security Forces Seen Scrambling to Burn Documents in Kyiv as Russian Invasion Intensifies (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine, and within a matter of hours, dozens of key military and civilian infrastructures had been bombarded.

Russian troops have captured several areas already, including a military airfield and the Chernobyl nuclear site.

As the invasion intensifies and Russian troops draw nearer, Ukrainian Security Forces are frantically burning documents en masse in anticipation of a full-scale takeover by Putin’s forces.

Several videos emerged online on Thursday of uniformed military personnel quickly heaving stacks and bags of documents into makeshift bonfires outside of a Ukrainian intelligence facility in Kyiv.

It is unknown what is included in the kindling, but it is likely confidential and sensitive documents that Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt government – or any of their business partners (looking at you, Biden crime family) – can afford to let fall into the wrong hands.


And with that, Biden, Soros, and Schwab, all took a sigh of relief.

Ukraine has long been used by Biden and other Global elitists as a hub to run their corrupt dealings through, so it’s no surprise to see the papers going up in smoke as Putin’s troops draw nearer.


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