J-6 Political Prisoner Troy Smocks: Joe Biden’s Democratic Regime Could Set America’s Race Relations Back One Hundred Years

by Kelly Wilde and former DC Gitmo Detainee Troy Smocks

Troy Smocks was released from the DC jail last month after being held in solitary confinement for a full year for the remarks he made about his peaceful participation in the January 6th Capitol protest in its aftermath on the internet. From the inside of the DC jail, Smocks wrote about his experience being housed in close quarters for twelve months with those who the corporate media and Department of Justice call “Violent White Supremacists”, and about being labeled one himself despite all contrary evidence that he is, in fact, a freedom-loving Black American (who lived among freedom-loving Americans of assorted color and creed).

Yet Black History month has given the left a new opportunity to call upon White Privilege and the threat of white violent extremism (“Professor: Educators should teach January 6 was a ‘case study in white privilege’” https://www.thecollegefix.com/professor-educators-should-teach-january-6-was-a-case-study-in-white-privilege/ AND “Race guru Kendi: Jan. 6 not a ‘national emergency’ only because white people were involved” https://www.thecollegefix.com/race-guru-kendi-jan-6-not-a-national-emergency-only-because-white-people-were-involved/] despite all contrary evidence, including charging, sentencing, and even police-killing that arose from that day.

Smocks has written to The Gateway Pundit to set the record straight on the nature of the movement that has been so misrepresented by those who seek to divide our nation from his unique view from the inside of January 6th’s “Most Reviled.” No doubt our DOJ will be displeased by his findings.

Please consider supporting his work through his GiveSendGo fundraiser at www.givesendgo.com/G27CR.

Troy Smocks, former January 6th Detainee, DC Gitmo

*Guest Post by Troy A. Smocks below:

(Former DC Jail Political Prisoner #376973)

A vast majority of Americans have in one way or another, weighed in on the legal plight of the more than 700 citizens who have been arrested in regard to the U.S. Capitol riot that took place in Washington, DC., on January 6, 2021. And while the majority of Americans continue to struggle with the inability of the nation to actually acquire the truth as to all of the players, motives, and roles behind the incident, many people in the nation’s black American communities are quickly coming to terms with the reality that Biden, and his Department of Justice have set the stage for not merely the return of the cold war with Russia, but for the return and amplification of racial unrest here at home.

      On January 17th, a date for respect and national observance to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., quite a number of black Americans in Dallas, Texas, gave reflection to one particular quote from the slain civil rights leader.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere. We are called in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

      The political, social, and unconstitutionally illegal treatment of Washington, DC’s, white, January 6, federal detainees could have far reaching racial effects on civility in America, and is exactly what Dr. King’s utterances were directed to curtail. Every instance of inhumane [/2021/07/attorney-jan-6-prisoners-brutally-beaten-stripped-hogtied-humiliated-guards-one-prisoner-blinded-one-eye-worse-abuse-gitmo-video/], torturous, and unjust treatment which has been meticulously documented [/2021/10/gut-wrenching-plea-help-january-6th-detainees-tell-letter-american-public-dc-gitmo-please-help-innocent-man/], and allowed to be inflicted daily upon the three dozen or so white men that are currently being held at the DC Jail’s, C2B housing unit, is a future threat to the nation’s black American community itself. [See: January 6 Political Prisoner In DC’s Gitmo Witnesses Attempted Murder of Fellow Patriot By Correction Officer /2021/09/january-6-political-prisoner-dcs-gitmo-witnesses-murder-attempt-fellow-patriot-capitol-police/]

      For nearly one year that I spent confined with these men, we had open and honest conversations regarding race relations in the United States. And while Joe Biden, his Attorney General, and most democrat supported news outlets have referred to these men as “white supremacists”, the actions of these men towards myself and the six other minorities that shared the jail space, will forever stand as evidence to refute the claims made by the Beltway’s current elite.

      For eleven months, the January 6 defendants, have been continuously held in torturous solitary confinement conditions at the behest of Joe Biden, the Department of Justice, and the facility’s deputy warden of operations, Kathleen Landerkin [/2021/12/unhinged-deputy-warden-kathleen-landerkin-dc-prison-wants-white-republicans-extinct/]. On March 25, 2021, the day when I first met many of these men, they were your typical red-blooded American alpha males. Some of which were combat veterans. They loved America, they loved GOD, and they loved their guns, tattoos, and constitutional freedoms. But over the course of time I began to notice that more and more of these men were being prescribed psych medications simply to maintain the day-to-day stress imposed by their severe conditions, legal uncertainties, and fear which is being inflicted upon them by the Anti-Trump culture of Washington, DC.

      On more than one occasion I was told by these men in our numerous race-based conversations, that they now know “what it feels like to be a black person in America.” And they don’t like it!

      During the group chats, most agreed that although they had previously heard of the gross mistreatment of blacks in this country at the hands of all levels of government, that they could have never imagined experiencing what it actually felt like to be treated as a foreigner in your own country, until this instant in their very own lives. In fact, it is known only to the January 6 detainees, that the push to change the inhumane conditions at the DC Department of Corrections, was predicated on helping the hundreds of fellow black defendants who were incarcerated on the other side of the jail, but had little or no resources or media connections for changing their conditions. [For Christmas the Jan. 6 DC Prisoners Are Raising Money for the Children of General Population — Please Donate to the Children. “The January 6, detainees took action because “that’s what Americans do”, as said by the group. “Americans stand up and fight for those who are not in the social, or economic position to fight for themselves.”

      The United States is no more than a geographical plot of soil on the world’s map. But “America” is an “attitude”, and all 344 million of her citizens proudly carry that attitude. We love peace, but when our cause is just, we won’t back down from a good fight, no matter where you work, or who [you] are. If the music is put on to play, then Americans are going to show up for the dance, because that’s who [we] are, as individuals and as a nation.

     However, under the chaos of the Biden regime the country could find itself taking a quantum leap backwards where race relations are concerned. Imagine having three dozen black defendants in rural Alabama, being treated in the identical fashion as are the three dozen white men who are being held in Washington DC?

      In a similar situation, there would very well be every civil rights organization and news outlets the world over, descending on the grounds of that rural Alabama jail.   There are many people in the black community who are hard-pressed to find the distinction between the unconstitutional treatment of blacks in a predominantly white area like rural Alabama, opposed to three dozen white men in the predominantly black area of Washington, DC. In the end, the collateral damage to civil rights relations in this country will be the same. However, it appears that the Biden regime has deliberately taken actions to undermine racial equality, so as to indeed rip the nation farther apart.

     On January 17, 2022, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stood before the Memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, located in Washington DC, and made haphazard attempts to rekindle the unifying words and temperament of Dr. King.

    “From here we see the ongoing push and pull between progress and struggle over the self-evident truth of our democracy… It was the dignity of work that Dr. King was in Memphis on that fateful day in April, helping sanitation workers not only for better pay and safer conditions but to be granted more dignity as human beings.”

      Many blacks have frowned upon the words to Biden’s speech, and I personally regard it, as much of an insult to the legacy of Dr. King, as was the bullet that riddles the body of the civil rights leader back in 1968. “It’s an insult to Dr. King, to speak of human dignity, while torturing your political enemies in a jail that’s less than two mile away from the place where you’re speaking.”

      Many in the black communities foresee the mistreatment of January 6, detainees as having a great impact on the future treatment of black American detainees in some of the nation’s predominantly white jail facilities and criminal justice systems. Joe Biden intentionally allowed his Department of Justice and the federal judges in cahoots with the gross persecutions, to create the environment for future mistreatment of black criminal defendants in America. “The blueprint has now been approved due to the uncontested mistreatment of the white January 6 detainees, and there will undoubtedly be some individuals seeking retribution for that irrefutable and unconstitutional treatment which have been handed down by the hands of Biden coerced black African immigrant jailers. It’s only human nature.”

      This is bound to create racial unrest in our country, and the Biden, Harris, Pelosi regime is all to blame.

      Prior to the arrest of the January 6 defendants, most of the nation stood on the principles and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., based on the premise that all men and women are created equal, and that all people should receive equal treatment under the law. However the unconstitutional practices of the Biden regime have destroyed 59 years of civil rights teachings in just over 12 short months.

      A number of blacks from both sides of the political spectrum are concerned that because the federal judges based in Washington DC, have failed to allow changes of venue for any of the January 6 defendants, that racial bias will claim a big part in the convictions of January 6, detainees and defendant’s. The Biden, Department of Justice deliberately jailed these men in a predominantly black community, and then publicly accused each of them of being white supremacist, so as to purposely enrage the black community and any perspective jury pools. This is not merely unconstitutional, but it’s also Ungodly.

      Most of America is unaware that the mistreatment of the January 6 detainees is not being inflicted by black “Americans” but by the conduct of black “African” immigrant jail employees.  The country is also unaware that the FBI unlawfully used the Patriot Act against each January 6, arrestee, self included. The federal government has systematically “cancelled” the January 6 arrestees from society. “Our banking and credit accounts were forced to be closed, security clearances revoked, and homes lost. We have also been entered into numerous terrorist watch data bases, and placed on the “No Fly List”.

      This situation can be reversed but not without donations to help overcome the expensive legal fees that are attached to both civil and criminal litigation. Unlike other victims of the Biden regime, such as Roger Stone and General Mike Flynn, the typical January 6, detainee is without the elite circle of rich and powerful friends to make their financial landings from the fall of grace a little softer.

      So why should you help? The answer is because the January Six detainees “held that hill”! We were the first to take that scary and unpopular stand against an overweening federal government, not because we wanted to, but because it was forced upon us. “That day, as patriotic Americans, we were made to defend the nation and each other against the same lying, and  tyrannical federal government that  the rest of the country is just now experiencing.” If not for the January 6, detainees holding that hill of resistance for the short while that it took the rest of America to wake up, tyranny would have claimed us all. So please support us in our efforts to recover whatever can be salvaged from our lives. God is watching.

Kelly Wilde is an activist and advocate for January 6th Detainees.  She is a writer and volunteer for Citizens Against Political Persecution – check out the website www.CitizensApp.us.  Contact Kelly with any tips or comments at [email protected].

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