High School Assistant Principal in Michigan Is Able to Return to Work While Awaiting Trial For First-Degree Child Sex Assault (VIDEO)

An assistant principal at Ecorse High School in Michigan could be allowed to return to work after he was arrested and charged earlier this week for criminal sexual conduct charges involving a child.

Melven Conway, 46, was taken into custody at the school Monday morning after the Detroit Police Department had been notified of an alleged sexual assault that happened around eight years ago and involved his then-ten-year-old daughter, but thanks to a judge’s decision to grant low bail and place him on house arrest, Conway is permitted to go back to work while he awaits trial. In other words, he is free to resume his role around children despite his criminal child sex charges.

There were no legal parameters or limitations given to him that would restrict his contact with minors. The decision for him to return to school is entirely on the district.

District superintendent Dr. Josha Talison explained that the school is aware of Conway’s arrest and is cooperating with the investigation in a statement to Fox News:

The Ecorse School District has been made aware of the arrest of Assistant Principal Melven Conway. We are going to work collaboratively with all law enforcement agencies involved as this investigation continues. As always, the security of our students and staff is our number one priority,” Talison wrote.

The arrest and charges have been a long time coming for Conway, who has been under investigation since he was accused of the assault by his now-teenage daughter almost a full year ago.

When filing her report in the spring of 2021, she claimed that Conway had assaulted her inside a Detroit home, according to authorities.

A warrant for Conway’s arrest had been submitted all the way back in September 2021, but he was not officially charged until February 1st, 2022, and, it took almost a full month longer for law enforcement to finally bring him into custody, which didn’t happen until Monday, February 28th.

Immediately following his arrest, Conway was arraigned in court and a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. Prosecutors argued that the accusations amount to first-degree “criminal sexual conduct involving a child,” and clarified that the victim is his own “biological daughter.”

Nevertheless, the judge set bond at just $75,000 and ordered Conway to wear a GPS ankle monitor and remain under home confinement while he awaits trial. He will only be allowed to leave home to go to work or get legal counsel, which permits him to return to the high school despite the sickening nature of his charges.

From Fox2 Detroit:

“He was ordered held on a $75,000/10% bond, meaning he can bond out for $7,500.

If he posts bond, Conway must wear a GPS tether and can go to work and stay home.

He’s due back in court on March 10 for a probable cause conference.”

Watch, via Libsoftiktok:

WDTV’s full report is below:



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