After the GOP Takes Control of the House, Biden needs to be Impeached

Guest post by Steve Baldwin

There’s lots of discussion in MAGA circles about impeaching President Joe Biden after the mid-term elections, but unfortunately, an impeachment requires 60 votes in the Senate and even with the most favorable scenario, it is highly unlikely the GOP will pick up more than 4 Senate seats.  Nonetheless, with the strong likelihood the GOP will take control the House, they should pursue the impeachment of Biden.  Why? Well, for the same reason a Democrat-controlled House impeached Trump – twice.

The Democrats used the impeachment process to persuade millions of middle-of-the-road and independent voters that Trump had done something terribly wrong.  Of course, the Dem’s two impeachment efforts were frivolous and did not comport with the constitutional requirements for impeachment, but no matter, they used it to create doubt in the minds of low information voters and there’s little doubt this narrative broke away some previous pro-Trump voters.

The GOP needs to do the same thing, but it doesn’t need to base the impeachment upon petty allegations that basically amount to policy differences.  The Republicans can justify an impeachment due to a slew of Biden policies that violate the Constitution and are clearly impeachable offenses. It is time the GOP holds him accountable.

Such impeachment hearings should be dragged out for six months so that by the time the 2024 presidential election rolls around, every American will know about the unprecedented assault on our constitutional rights embarked upon by the Biden administration.   Impeachment needs to be looked at as an educational tool used to inform undecided and low information voters about the real criminal nature of the Biden regime.

According to the Constitution, impeachable offenses are treason, bribery, and “high crimes and misdemeanors.”   The last phrase is generally thought to mean “an abuse of public trust” such as violating the Constitution and endangering our national security.  Indeed, As Sen. Ted Cruz states, there are “multiple grounds” to impeach Biden.  Here are a few:

Refusing to enforce federal immigration laws.   As Senator Cruz stated, “Probably the most compelling is the utter lawlessness is President Biden to enforce the border. His decision to just defy immigration laws. That’s probably the strongest grounds right now for impeachment…”  Refusing to enforce federal immigration law has allowed nearly 2 million people to enter the country, including terrorists and criminals, who are clearly a threat to the American people.  This can certainly be defined as treason as such policies give aid and comfort to our enemies.  It could also be defined as a “high crimes and misdemeanor” since allowing certain people to break laws and not others, violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Moreover, the Biden Administration is funding private organizations that assist illegals, such as helping them to defy deportation laws.  Lastly,  Biden’s effort to covertly move illegal aliens to various states using funds designated for COVID tests surely violates the intent of the law.

Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan. The Biden Administration’s actions in Afghanistan resulted in a disastrous plan that prioritized the evacuation of military personnel before citizens.  This occurred even though Biden’s state Department was warned well in advance of the impending invasion.   Moreover, Biden officials have impeded private efforts to rescue Americans.  The abandonment of American citizens and leaving them to fight for survival under the brutal Taliban can only be described as a “high crime.”

Reentering the Iranian nuclear deal.   Biden’s decision to reenter the Iranian nuclear deal and remove sanctions on the terrorist-supporting country will only encourage its development of a nuclear weapon.  Moreover, Biden has blocked a slew of congressional investigations into these talks, which indicates Biden is hiding the substance of these talks.  Clearly, this is a threat to our national security and this reckless action by Biden can also be considered treason.

Involvement with Hunter Biden’s corrupt deals and lying about it.  Joe Biden said repeatedly he had nothing to do with his son’s corrupt deals but we now know he was lying.  Hunter Biden’s partner, Tony Bobulinski, has stated that Joe Biden was involved with the deals and numerous documents and Hunter’s laptop confirms this. It is now clear that Joe Biden profited by allowing his son to use his position as VP to secure deals that enrich both of them and they even shared bank accounts.  Peter Schweizer’s book, Red Handed, How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, documents how the Biden family has received $31 million dollars from individuals connected to Chinese intelligence.  This compromising activity with enemies of the U.S. can only be considered treason and perhaps bribery as well.

Weaponizing and politicizing the COVID epidemic.  While the Supreme Court has struck down Biden’s vaccination mandate on private businesses, he knew such a mandate was illegal to begin with and his spokesperson, Jen Psaki even said such mandates are “not the role of the federal government.”   Nonetheless, he eventually implemented the unconstitutional mandate on private business costing thousands of Americans their jobs.

Moreover, many of Biden’s agencies – such as the military – have refused to honor religious exemptions to the vaccine, thereby violating the First Amendment. Tens of thousands of military personnel will soon be dismissed as a result, greatly jeopardizing America’s national security. Incredibly, the Biden administration is now creating a database of those who have asked for this exemption. Why? To harass them?   Furthermore, Biden’s agency, the FDA has attacked ivermectin, urging doctors not to recommend this drug.  But ivermectin is the single most successful anti-COVID drug in the world and it has virtually wiped out COVID in countries such as India.  Biden’s anti-ivermectin policy has led to thousands of unnecessary deaths.  Lastly, Biden’s directive to use race in the treatment of COVID is clearly unconstitutional and violates federal civil rights laws.

Urging Big Tech to constrict freedom of speech.  Biden publicly called for Big tech to “deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows.  It has to stop.”  Of course, he’s referring to conservative criticism of his policies such as information that demonstrates the ineffectiveness of his COVID policies and stories that expose the massive fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. He even urged Spotify to censor Joe Rogan.  This may be the first time in modern American history that a president has called for restricting the 1st AmendmentImpeachable?  Of course.

Weaponizing the FBI and the DOJ against parents and defining them as terrorists.  We now know that Biden’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, initiated this policy by urging the National School Board Association to send a letter to the Biden White House demanding they use the Department of Justice to harass parents who object to Critical Race Theory and other woke policies in our public schools.  The DOJ responded by characterizing parents as “domestic terrorists” and even invoking the anti-terrorism PATRIOT Act to investigate them. This is nothing short of a full-scale attack on the constitutional rights of American citizens to assemble and engage in free speech.  This unprecedented action certainly constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors.

Violating the Rights of January 6th protestors. In its overly zealous prosecution of Capitol protesters, Biden’s DOJ has violated their constitutional rights on many fronts.  The DOJ is prosecuting people for crimes that weren’t committed, arresting people who never entered the Capitol, and have held many citizens in jail for over a year without even charging them, a gross violation of the 6th Amendment, which guarantees citizens a speedy trail. Moreover, the DOJ refused to even investigate, let alone bring charges against, Michael Byrd, the reckless Capitol Police officer who shot and killed the unarmed Ashli Babbitt and violated every procedure and protocol.

The hearings should involve numerous experts and witnesses and should be viewed as an opportunity to educate our fellow citizens about government tyranny.  The charge that Biden’s agencies suppressed the use of ivermectin, for example, could be supported by inviting Americans who lost family members to COVID and who were blocked from obtaining ivermectin.

The illegal OSHA mandate charge could feature Americans fired from their jobs for refusing the jab.  Religious freedom experts could discuss how the denial of religious exemptions violates the First Amendment.  The Afghan charge could involve bringing in people to testify whose family members were left behind.  National Security experts could testify about how the Iranian treaty will lead to a nightmare scenario in which Iran uses its nukes to bully the world and even threaten the United States.

Experts on Hunter Biden, like Tony Bobulinski and Peter Schweizer, could detail how Joe Biden was involved in his deals and exhibits from Hunter’s laptop could be shown on national television, blown up to poster size.   Immigration experts could testify about the impact of Biden’s illegal open border policies upon the rule and law and constitutional experts can explain how such policies violate Federal immigration laws.

Aaron Babbitt could testify about how his wife was murdered and how he has worked tirelessly to hold the crooked cop responsible.  Families of Jan. 6 protesters can describe how their loved ones have been beaten in filthy jail cells while their Habeas Corpus rights have been trashed. And on and on.

The media will have a fit but they will have a hard time ignoring such testimony, especially since news organizations like Fox, Newsmax, and One America News will likely cover the hearings live, gavel to gavel.

The first half of Biden’s term has done more damage to America than any presidential term in history and all Americans need to know how and why.  The MAGA movement needs to grill every GOP congressional candidate this year as to whether they will support the impeachment of Joe Biden.  If they won’t, then questions need to be raised about the suitability of the candidate.

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