The Gateway Pundit and American Gulag Donate $30,000 to Persecuted Jan. 6 Prisoners and Their Families

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In September The Gateway Pundit announced the launch of, an informational site about the more than seven hundred Americans Joe Biden continues to imprison and persecute, largely for entering a public building on January 6, 2021.  

The overwhelming majority of Biden’s January 6th political prisoners are peaceful patriots, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers whose crime was walking into a public building to protest.  Many of them were waved in.  The emerging totalitarian uniparty decided to weaponize the DOJ and persecute and make examples of Donald Trump/America First/anti-oligarchy supporters following the January 6 protests.

Gateway Pundit’s site features enormous amounts of information on each of the prisoners and is constantly updated on a continuing basis, providing opportunities to donate to the prisoners’ legal funds, their lawsuits, where and how to send them letters of encouragement, and news articles about their situation.

American Gulag Editor John Burns and Assistant Editor Cara Castronuovo earlier joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss how the website hopes to make a difference bringing awareness to and justice for the largest number of American political prisoners in US history.  Laura and Nick have done exceptional work keeping the website updated.

Over the past several months The American Gulag raised over $80,000.

In December the American Gulag and The Gateway Pundit donated $40,000 to several families and organizations who are suffering in the DC Gulag or are being persecuted by the Biden regime.

This week we donated another $30,000 to several J-6 political prisoners and organizations.  The names include prisoners, Kyle F., Scott F., Felicia Konold, Jeremy Sorvisto, James Beeks, the Clarks, Ethan Nordean, Jeremy Brown, Jake Lang, and one J-6 support organization.

For the record, The Gateway Pundit is not making any income off of this venture.  In fact, we have lost a bit of money here.  But we recognize this is the right thing to do.  We can’t allow Americans to be jailed because they belong to the minority party in power.  Not in America.  Not as long as we have a voice.

We all need to be kind and help these patriots in their hour of need.  Many more may be unjustly imprisoned in the coming months – at root, for the crimes of objecting to the lies of the “Biden” Regime.

** Please donate to the AmericanGulag and the families of the Jan. 6 political prisoners here.

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