Flee The City: When Civilization Ends, Will You Be Safe?

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Elites are engineering the end of our country. As inflation explodes, cities are collapsing. Criminals run the streets.

Their new world order bullied us into taking their vaccines. They made us register our firearms. They forced us to use their electricity and power. They forced us into mask compliance. Our ‘gut feeling’ is they’re engineering a total collapse of the American cities.

Governments used a virus to control us this time. Next, they’ll use a water shortage. Or an energy crisis. Or a cyber-attack to control us. Or an economic collapse. Our families are in danger.

Fleethecity.com can help. We help people who want to get out of cities develop rural property in America’s homeland.

What event will push you to flee? A natural disaster? Civil unrest? Is it worth the wait?

People who wait too long become refugees. Refugees starve, are mistreated, trafficked, become slaves and pawns for the elite. No one wants to be a refugee.

Instead, talk to a professional now. Figure out what it will take to move your family to rural America. Figure out how to get your own sustainable homestead. Find your own acreage, get an abundant water supply and get equipped with high-speed communications.

At Fleethecity.com, we’ll help you figure out how to:
— Own your own source of water
— Create sustainable back-up power
— Grow your own food and raise a few animals, if you want to
— Build a true ‘safe space’ to teach your children about moral truths

You can afford it. Your family deserves it. Flee the City can make it happen for you.

The Flee the City crew escaped the blue state of California 15 years ago. We left for Montana when the great recession hit. We’ll pass on all our valuable knowledge and help you navigate your journey to freedom. You’ll feel the elation when you leave the city.

We’ll help you find homesteads from 5 acres to hundreds (even thousands) of acres. We can help you buy a ‘full-time relocation home’ or a safe rural property ‘just in case’. We’ll help you figure out how to move your assets into rural land.

Click here to learn how to escape the city — before it’s too late.

Visit FleetheCity.com for more information and to book a free consulting appointment!

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