EVIL: Threatening Posters Listing the Names and Personal Info of Hacked GiveSendGo Convoy Donors Appear All Over the Streets of Ottawa Following Trudeau’s Vicious Crackdown

The situation in Canada is looking more and more like Germany, circa 1930s.

In the past week, Trudeau first gave himself practically limitless emergency powers in an unprecedented move, then he froze bank accounts, then his henchmen were sent in to crush the people’s grassroots uprising, and now, after the city has been cleared, an unknown individual or group is publicly doxxing the names and personal info of their fellow citizens who dared to contribute money to the trucker convoy.

On Tuesday, photos surfaced online showing threatening posters that were hung up all over the streets of Ottawa, calling for people to “thank” their “local convoy donators” – presumably in the most aggressive fashion possible.

The poster was titled “Know Thy Neighbor,” and included a list of donors’ names, email addresses, and the amount given.

There were even some Twitter users who reported that the fliers also showed up on the front doors of some of the listed donors’ houses, which is absolutely horrifying – the people who would do this are completely unhinged.

Take a look (names and info redacted):

The personal donor information comes from a recent hack of the Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo. Hackers exposed tens of thousands of donors and published the information online for the woke trolls to have a field day with.

UPDATE– GiveSendGo UNDER ATTACK… Hateful Trans Hackers Take Over GiveSendGo Front Page

Even the fake news bootlickers, like the Washington Post, had their go at tracking down people who donated as little as $40, just so they could harass them and make them a target of the mob.

Washington Post Harasses People Who Donated $40 to ‘Freedom Convoy’ After GiveSendGo Breach

But it is truly a sad day when a country’s own people begin publicly demonizing their fellow citizens and calling on others to hunt them down and harass them for their beliefs.

These posters are shameful.


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