DC School Makes Masked Kindergarten Students March With BLM Signs While Chanting Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

When liberal activists masquerading as teachers claim that they are not teaching Marxist critical race theory, they are lying.

Like several other schools around the country, a private school in Washington DC has given up on educating in favor of indoctrinating young children to support the extremist Black Lives Matter movement.

This week, video emerged online of kindergarten students at Lowell Private School marching through the halls holding BLM signs and chanting black lives matter while under the direction of their teachers.

The video was uploaded to the LowellSchoolDC instagram account with the caption “sound on to hear our pre-primary friends raise their voices.” The demonstration capped what the school called black lives matter school week, and featured signs that the young children were asked to make in class.

The masked students, who appear to be no older than 5 or 6, were paraded around the school as they were encouraged by teachers to parrot the BLM propaganda.

Once again, independent journalist Libsoftiktok raised the alarm about this latest example of sickening exploitation occuring in schools and reposted the video to Twitter.

Take a look:

Education, even for those who are not yet in grade school, has become solely about breeding liberal activists. Not even private schools are safe from this insane indoctrination.

Homeschooling is rapidly becoming the only hope against this madness.


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