“My Choices Now are Between my Job and my Life” – Woman Shares Her Tragic Story Following Pfizer Shots

In a Facebook post, Yolanda Vosloo detailed how her life has changed from being a very healthy and active person to someone whose body is incapable of fighting off a simple inflammation and infection following Pfizer shots.

It all started when she received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She had a cough and other issues like heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

Vosloo wanted to take a different vaccine for her second dose, but she was advised to take the same vaccine she had on her first dose. The nurse told her that her previous reaction was a common reaction with the Pfizer vaccine and would disappear after three weeks.

Now, she has blood clots, inflammation, viral infection (which all contributed to the strain on her heart), chest pain, body aches, constant headaches, and feeling exhausted all the time.

Read her testimony here and below:

Yesterday was a very scary day.

At around 9:00 I was working in my home office when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my chest and my heart beating wildly. I checked my heart rate on my Apple watch and it was 105 (normal for me is 57-64). I checked it 3 times and was 111 and 115. My jaw was tight, my shoulders aching and I felt like an elephant was standing on my chest. I thought this is it. Bye Felicia

I laid on my back with my feet on the couch and started breathing deep and slow to calm down my heart. After about 30 minutes I got it down to 88. I called our medical centre and they squeezed me in at 12:45 (because I wanted to avoid the ED)

GP did ECG which showed my heart is under strain and some irregularities so doc told me to go straight to ED …
Arrived at ED at about 1:30pm and … oh boy… what an experience … I was treated like a covid patient.

So a little history:
I had a cough that started just after my first Pfizer jab. There were other issues as well, like heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches and fatigue. When I went for number 2 I asked for AZ [astrazeneca] but was told MUST be Pf [Pfizer]again. So I asked the nurse about my cough and she said it is common with Pf and will go away after about 3 weeks.

Well, after second jab it just got worse. Went to GP and got put on 6 days Zithromax and cortisone puffer. Went back to GP for checkup and was told left lung not quite clear but to keep using puffer but to wean myself off.

So, back to yesterday, I arrived at ED at about 1:30, went into iso because I was coughing and had chest pains. Covid test done and even though it came back negative, I was treated by nurses and doctors in full PPE, mostly from a distance.

I was linked to ECG and blood pressure and all sorts of machines. My BP was 150/74. My heart rate came down to 70 but was very erratic … they drew blood and done all sorts of tests, including chest xrays and CT scan.

Bloods show clots, inflammation and viral infection which all contributed to the strain on my heart, and the coughing obviously makes it worse.

Dr said this cough will probably be with me for another 6-8 weeks but I need to see my GP on Wednesday for another follow up.
They didn’t want to send me home because hubby is away, but my dog is alone and needs to be fed.
I am generally a very healthy and active person. If I go to a GP it is normally for a sports injury (twice for sinus infection and once bronchitis). In the last 11 years I have been on antibiotics only 3 /4 times….

Now my body is incapable of fighting off a simple inflammation and infection even after 2 courses of antibiotics
I am sad and I am tired, but I am grateful to be alive. I’ve not been able to play volleyball since Dec (when I had jab 1) and not sure when I will be able to play again. Dr said rather do yoga or pilates. That is great but I miss my volleyball.

My body aches all the time. My joints hurt and I have constant headaches and feel exhausted all the time. And I have this pain in my chest that gets worse and gets better but is always there … I don’t feel like myself anymore.

This is my story. I am not sharing it for sympathy but to serve as a reminder to people that we all fight some battle. Our bodies respond differently to what we put into it. I am scared of getting another jab because my experience with the first 2 has been a nightmare. My choices now are between my job and my life.

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