Baked Potato: CNN Insiders are Calling For Brian Stelter to be Fired Following Jeff Zucker’s Ousting

Is CNN’s resident potato on the chopping block too?

CNN insiders are calling for Brian Stelter to be fired after Jeff Zucker’s ousting.

CNN’s worldwide president Jeff Zucker resigned on Wednesday.

Mr. Zucker’s relationship with Allison Gollust, the chief marketing officer for CNN, was revealed during an investigation into Chris Cuomo’s sexual misconduct.

According to reports, Zucker’s relationship with Gollust was an “open secret” and CNN insiders are saying Brian Stelter should be fired for not reporting on the scoop that everyone knew – AWKWARD.

Brian Stelter attacked Radar Online’s article published last month on Zucker’s relationship with Gollust as “nutty.”

According to Radar Online, Zucker and Gollust’s affair goes back before the two were divorced – in fact, both of their marriages ended because of the affair.

A CNN insider told The Daily Mail that “Brian Stelter should start looking for another job.”

The Daily Mail reported:

Media critics are calling for Brian Stelter to be fired after failing to report the ‘open secret’ affair between top boss Jeff Zucker and staffer Allison Gollust.

‘The network needs to step up and fire Brian Stelter,’ a CNN insider tells ‘He is allegedly our top media reporter – yet he failed to report on the scoop that everyone in the office knew. And if he wants to say he didn’t know, he is truly terrible at his job.’

Stelter is the chief media correspondent for CNN and host of the CNN program Reliable Sources.

A cable news veteran, who wishes not to be named, spoke of the close relationship between Stelter and Zucker.

‘Brian Stelter should be calling his agent to start looking for another job,’ they said. ‘He’s been Jeff Zucker’s water boy for years and no one believes he didn’t know about all of this.’

The source added that Stelter often criticizes competing networks, like Fox News.

‘He’s been sitting on his moral high horse doing Jeff’s bidding and ripping Fox and every other media outlet that Jeff tells him to while his ratings crash and burn. Where was he on the biggest story at his own network after chastising everyone else?’

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