AOC Says She Helped “Huge Amounts” of Illegal Aliens Get Taxpayer Stimulus Checks (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) Tuesday evening bragged about helping “huge amounts” of illegal aliens get federal stimulus checks during a virtual town hall.

AOC said she “fought tooth and nail” to help illegal aliens get taxpayer money that “many others were trying to lock them out of.”

This is the Democrat party in a nutshell.

The Democrats’ priority is to help illegal aliens and felons while Americans suffer.


Last year Republicans said the Democrats were “actively trying to give stimulus checks to murderers and illegal aliens.”

The Communist fact-checkers at the Washington Post swooped in to protect the Democrat party and said this was not happening.

When will the Washington Post retract their so-called ‘fact-check’ and admit illegal aliens got taxpayer relief money?

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