WATCH: Ukrainian President Slams Biden After Yesterday’s Phone Call: “I Think I Know The Details Better” – Country Had Just Agreed To Ceasefire When Biden Baselessly Warned of Imminent Attack

The Biden regime is an utter embarrassment.

As the US shamelessly attempts to fan the flames of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the diplomatic leaders in the two countries, and across Europe, are working to come to a resolution that avoids a catastrophic war.

With the arbitration of Germany and France, Russia and Ukraine have even been able to agree on a temporary ceasefire, buying them more time to settle their differences without any bloodshed.

Noticeably absent from the “tough” negotiations was the US.

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Despite the progress that has been made between the two sides, Biden and the Warhawks pulling his strings refuse to back down from their irrational ultimatum that promises an all-out war if Russia does not allow Ukraine to join NATO.

Even after the two countries agreed to uphold the ceasefire, Biden called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to warn him about impending doom, baselessly claiming, “Kyiv could be “sacked,” and that Russian forces may attempt to occupy it at any time.

“Prepare for impact,” Biden fabricated out of thin air – seemingly unaware of the treaty signed just one day earlier between the two countries.

Biden Warns Ukrainian President Zelensky: ‘Prepare For Impact’ – Russian Invasion Virtually Certain

On Friday, President Zelensky was asked about the ominous phone call during a press conference in Kyiv, and he did not seem to appreciate Biden’s warmongering fear porn.

Zelensky slammed Biden over his baseless warnings, essentially telling Biden to stay out of it – Ukraine can handle itself.

“I am the President of Ukraine. I am based here. I think I know the details deeper than any other President, the question is not about the US president,” Zelensky pointed out after diplomatically thanking the US for their support.

Zelensky continues:

“We do understand what the risks are, and which of those risks are a priority. It’s important that [Biden] should know the situation from me, not from the intermediaries.

People need to be here to understand all of the details.”



One thing is for sure, Ukraine is not our fight to fight, particularly when our own country’s house is in such disarray and the countries that are directly involved seem to be working things out despite the attempted intervention by the Biden regime.

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And ESPECIALLY considering the Biden Crime Family’s ties to the corrupt former Russian territory.

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A war between the two nations is by no means imminent, as the media and the corrupt DC Swamp would like everyone to believe, no matter how much Biden pushes for it to happen.

Russia and Ukraine are set to resume peace negotiations in two weeks in Berlin, and once again they will meet without the US sitting at the table.

Is it any wonder why?


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