WATCH: Fauci Caught Lying AGAIN, Claims Non-mRNA Vaccines Like “Covaxin” Have Not Been Approved In the US Because “They Have Not Applied” – Turns Out, They HAVE


Dr. Fauci, corporate media, and the Public Health Regime have been lying about Covid since the beginning.

On Thursday, Dr. Fauci joined Adrienne Bankert on NewsNation’s Morning in America for an interview that included questions from viewers.

On Behalf of a Michigan viewer, Bankert questioned the NIAID director about why “more traditional” vaccines that are not mRNA based – specifically Covaxin, which has been approved for use by the World Health Organization – have not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States even though multiple clinical trials have proven its safety and effectiveness is supposedly up to par.

“We had so many people ask about Covaxin,” she added.

Fauci shamelessly attempted to deflect and scrambled to build a straw man, claiming that he was “puzzled” because the US is stocked up on vaccines, and it’s not like we need any more because we have them and people aren’t taking them.

We have enough vaccines, the best vaccines available, in the United States.

I’m puzzled by that question. We have more vaccines than we need right now. We just need the people to get vaccinated with the vaccines that we have.

The mRNA vaccines are desired by everyone else in the world. So we have what we need; we need to use it.

Bankert followed up Fauci’s pathetic puzzled response by asking if he is “opposed to alternative treatments.”

Visibly shocked at this point by the seemingly benign but unwittingly pointed line of questioning, Fauci just outright says we don’t need another vaccine before claiming Covaxin has not applied for approval anyway,

What do you mean alternative? It’s not an alternative. It’s another vaccine. We don’t need another vaccine; we have plenty of vaccines, they have not applied to get approved.

When you try to get approved, the FDA looks at the data, and if the data are in order and give you a good scientific rationale to approve it, the FDA will approve it.

There are no interventions that are not being approved for reasons other than they’ve either not been submitted for approval or the data are not strong enough to warrant approval.”

Unsurprisingly, Ocugen Inc, the US-based pharmaceutical company that produces Covaxin, DID, in fact, apply for Emergency Use Authorization for their non-mRNA Covid vaccine, and that was all the way back at the beginning of November, but for some unknown reason, the EUA has not been approved or denied by the FDA as of yet. 

What’s more, the FDA has also forced Ocugen to pause its phase III Covaxin clinical trial while also citing no reason

In other words, Covaxin’s approval status seems to have nothing to do with their application status – of which Fauci was fully aware when he brazenly misled the public on national TV, but rather it seems that the FDA is arbitrarily delaying the approval.


Fauci’s deception went largely unnoticed thanks to Bankert letting him slide in another bootlicking softball interview, but the hacks at NewsNation also played their role in suppressing the truth by issuing a silent “editors note” into the official transcript of the interview.

They also wrote a lengthy piece about Fauci’s comments that had the correction buried all the way at the bottom of the article.

“Editor’s note – Covaxin was submitted for FDA emergency authorization this fall. After the interview, Dr. Fauci offered this statement: Bharat Biotech, the company that has developed Covaxin, has applied to the FDA for an emergency use authorization (EUA) for their vaccine. The FDA is currently evaluating the data and no decision has been made.”

How many people saw the clip with Fauci’s lie? versus how many people saw that teeny-tiny correction? The latter pales in comparison. That’s the power of Fake News.

But in the end, whether it’s Pfizer’s experimental jab or a non-mRNA-type like Covaxin, natural immunity provides the best protection against Covid-19, in some cases by as much as 13X – and don’t forget, this virus also has over 99% recovery rate anyway.

Plus, the available vaccines do not have the best track record, to put it mildly.

Fauci should stay the hell out of it, Americans have enough ‘data’ to make up their own minds.

Enough with his lies.


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