UPDATE: T-Mobile Cites FCC’s Decision in 2018 to Block “Unwanted” or “Spam Text Messages” as Excuse to Censor The Gateway Pundit Links on Text

Note: The Gateway Pundit extends our warmest regards to all of our readers for your undying support at this time. We received numerous emails regarding the censorship from T-mobile. Some of you have reached out to them and for that, we are forever grateful.

This past weekend we learned the tech giants are using a frightening new method to censor and control what you are able to see, read and discuss online.

T-Mobile started to disappear our links. You  may text one of our links to a family member or friend but the recipient will not receive any texts containing Gateway Pundit links. We discovered that your friends will not even know that you sent them a Gateway Pundit article.

If only there was an opposition party in America to confront this madness!

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One of our readers had recently reached out to T-mobile through chat support and was sent a link to a Reuters article discussing an FCC decision on censoring texts. The decision was actually meant to stop robotexts and spam messages, not individual texts. The customer service representative admitted that the carrier has been censoring websites via the transmission of text messages.

According to TGP reader Nathan, when he pointed out that the decision from FCC was not meant for individual texts, a T-mobile rep defended and admitted that they could censor for other reasons as well. The rep also admitted that other mobile networks are censoring our text messages as well.

Here’s the transcript from their chat:

Skye G.: Hey there! Thank you for reaching T-Mobile Messaging, this is Skye, your Magenta expert for today. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your concerns about messages. Rest assured before this chat ends we have already solved it.
You: Good morning, I just attempted to text a link to a Gateway Pundit article to my father, also a T-Mobile customer and it did not go through. However, a link to Toys-R-Us did go through
You: The link was on T-Mobile censoring text messages
You: Is this true? Is T-Mobile actively censoring text messages?
Skye G.: Oh, sorry to know about the inconvenience this has caused you. I can see that you want to send a text message to a link that didn’t go through. May I know if you see any error message when you tried to send the text message?
You: No, I see the link to the Gateway Pundit article on my phone, but my father does not receive it.
You: However I sent a link to the ToysRUs website and it went through
Skye G.: I see. Thanks for letting me know. Here’s what we are going to do today, we will perform basic troubleshooting steps on your device. In the event the issue persists after the steps, I will need to connect you to our dedicated technical team through chat so you can perform more advance steps. May I know if you are able to perform the steps with me now?
You: I’m chatting with you on my phone.
You: Why would a link for one website go through, but not for another?
Skye G.: Because there are other sites that are censored by the network. And it must be that the site you are trying to access is censored by Sprint now part of T-mobile.
You: You are now censoring websites that talk about censorship? Are you kidding me? I have my doctorate degree in law and do you think T-Mobile is going to dictate the information I read or share?
You: /2022/01/just-like-soviet-russia-t-mobile-erasing-links-gateway-pundit-articles-send-text-message/
You: So the article is not false, it is absolutely true and you are censoring it?
Skye G.: Oh, sorry to know about that. However, you can read this article regarding the censoring of messages on every networks in the US that stated, ” FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, said the vote means “you no longer have the final say on where your text messages go and what they said. That means your carrier now has the legal right to block your text messages and censor the very content of your messages.” https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fcc-texts-idUSKBN1OB2FP
You: Myself and my family members will be moving to another carrier as soon as possible
You: Good riddance, we the people will spend our money elsewhere. Tell that to your communist company!
Skye G.: Oh, that is really sad to know that you are considering to cancel the services due to this reason however please know that all networks in the US are all have censoring ability for sites. This same goes with AT&T and Verizon too. The FCC voted 3-to-1 to classify text messages as an information service rather than a telecommunications service, which it said would have limited the ability of wireless carriers to combat robotexts and spam messages.
You: That isn’t a Robo text or a spam message!
Skye G.: Yes, I understand however, that is only one of the reasons why the network censored messages. It is not really mean that the message you are sending is already under spam or robotext.
You: Companies like yours are the true fascists. They block speech they do not like. Why was the link blocked if it was not spammed or robotext?

Skye G.: That is why we will be trying to perform basic troubleshooting steps since the message you are trying to send is not under robotext or spam to see what happened.

The official T-mobile Twitter account responded to one of our readers and argued that they don’t censor text messages but “they have filters to protect customers from receiving messages that may contain malware or phishing attempts.”

Another TGP user Randall contacted T-mobile and one of the supervisors claimed that Gateway Pundit is a very restricted site and they’re protecting the users’ information by providing a safe service.

Another user who uses Mint mobile had the same experience, the Gateway Pundit links disappeared on the receiver. Mint mobile uses T-mobile networks.

The customer rep from Mint admitted that Gateway Pundit allegedly violates T-Mobile’s “policies” and that Gateway Pundit was on a Google “restricted” site list which was why it was being blocked. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Mint Mobile told me, when i was on the phone bitching at them for over an hour yesterday, that T-Mobile was blocking GP due to GP violating T-Mobile’s “policies” and that GP was on a google “restricted” site list which was why it was being blocked.

Unfortunately, I do not [recording of the call]. However, if it came down to it, the call center probably does and could be subpoenaed. I have filed a complaint with the Florida AG about it.

Another incident happened way back in 2016 after Trump’s big win.

T-mobile is slowly censoring other websites including an old vaccine study from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s  Children’s Health Defense:

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