Several Men Suspected of Being Federal Agents In or Around The Capitol on Jan 6th Are Subpoenaed By Atty For Imprisoned Oath Keeper

100 Percent Fed Up – Oath Keepers president Stuart Rhodes, Black Lives Matter/Antifa activist John Sullivan, January 6th Capitol “Fedsurrection” cheerleader Ray Epps, and Thomas disabled former FBI worker turned Oath Keeper,  have all been subpoenaed by Kelly Meggs’ defense attorney Jon Moseley. Meggs is an imprisoned Oath Keeper accused of conspiring to storm the Capitol.

Julie Kelly of American Greatness tweeted images of the subpoenas:

According to Megg’s attorney, the names of at least three men that multiple non-traditional media outlets have suggested are federal agents or informants will prove his client’s innocence and show that the J6 commission is politically motivated.

Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs

National File reports – Rhodes’ presence in Washington, D.C. has been the subject of much skepticism, with Darren Beattie’s Revolver News publishing a series of investigative reports suggesting he may be working with the federal government or its intelligence agencies, in some capacity.

Oath Keepers President Stewart Rhodes

While many of the Oath Keepers who Rhodes led to Washington, D.C. that day were arrested – some, like Meggs, have been held without bail for nearly a year – Rhodes has not been charged.

J6 political prisoner Kelly Meggs.

Rhodes was voluntarily interviewed by the FBI but has not been arrested, and the government does not appear to suspect him of committing crimes on January 6.

Epps’ identity became known in conservative circles due to the exhaustive work of Revolver News, which compiled extensive video showing Epps urging conservatives gathered in Washington, D.C., to storm the U.S. Capitol on and before January 6, 2021.

Ray Epps outside of Capitol on Jan 6th

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Epps image and name that once appeared on the FBI’s list of suspects wanted in connection with the January 6th incident was removed shortly after it was added. Epps has not been arrested and does not appear to be under investigation for his role in the January 6th “insurrection,” where his job appeared to be organizing and encouraging Trump supporters to “go inside the Capitol” on both January 5 and 6.

Epps and Oath Keepers President Stewart Rhodes have a history of working together. In 2011, Epps was the Chapter President of Oath Keepers. Stewart and Ray can both be seen together in the photo below.

Only five days after the so-called “insurrection,” Arizona Central reported about the man seen in the video, who is allegedly from Arizona. The article shares several videos of the MAGA hat man who called for Trump supporters to join him on January 6th to go inside the Capitol.  Curiously, all but one of the accounts that posted the videos have been removed from YouTube, Instagram, and dLive TV.

One of the videos showing the MAGA hat-wearing man on January 5th encouraging Trump supporters to go inside the Capitol building the next day can be seen below. He’s cautious with his words. He appears to be encouraging Trump supporters around him to ignore the consequences of their actions, saying he may get arrested, but he doesn’t care. The person with the camera appears to be in on the scam and encourages him to say, “We need to go into the Capitol” on January 6th during their fake conversation. “Let’s go!” the guy with the camera (likely another federal agent) shouts as he turns to the unidentified person conveniently filming their conversation and smiles.

“Baked Alaska” can be seen interviewing Ray Epps in the video below.

Does their conversation seem staged?

Far-Left Antifa/BLM activist John Sullivan has been identified as one of the activists who were part of the group of people who illegally entered the Capitol building on Wednesday. Sullivan is not, however, a Trump supporter; in fact, he’s just the opposite.

On his Instagram page that has now been deleted, the BLM activist, who is also the self-proclaimed founder of the “Insurgence USA” group, posted warnings like “An armed revolution is the only effective way to bring about change.”

Sullivan can be seen here threatening violence against President Trump:

Sullivan celebrated as protesters entered the U.S. Capitol, identifying himself as part of the crowd and appearing to urge them to continue the advance, potentially raising questions about his organizational impact that day. Sullivan was ultimately charged and forced to surrender the money he gained from selling his films, including the money he earned. Almost immediately after the individuals were cleared from the Capitol building, Sullivan appeared as a guest on CNN to tell what he saw inside the Capitol. Curiously, during his interview with Sullivan, CNN Anderson Cooper seemed to have no interest in how Sullivan got inside the Capitol building or why he was there.

The alleged (federal poser?) BLM/Antifa activist talked about how he pretended to be a Trump supporter to get inside of the Capitol. Watch the Gateway Pundit video below:

Unlike the other J6 political prisoners, Sullivan was immediately released on bail and not placed in deplorable conditions in prisons and jails across America.

Another name on the list of suspected federal agents on January 6th who Moseley has subpoenaed is former FBI agent turned Oath Keeper (likely story) Thomas Caldwell.

 Caldwell’s name appears in the list of individuals who’ve been subpoenaed by Moseley, as seen here in reporter Scott MacFarlane’s tweet:

“Capitol rioter” Thomas Caldwell has also been subpoenaed.

MSN reports- Caldwell, who is allegedly 100% disabled, admitted in a January 8 Signal message that he’d been on the Oath Keepers intel net “for months now,” and most of his “Oath Keeper pals” were on the opposite side of the building of the Capitol on Jan. 6th.
Having sat down at a fountain on the west side because his “back was killing me,” Caldwell writes in the message he stood upon the fountain and said, “let’s go. Patriots forward!” after police deployed tear gas.

He wrote the crowd “surged forward,” and he tried to get onto the steps people were using to get inside, but it was “so packed” he couldn’t get on the steps, and the lack of a railing “looked dangerous as hell.”

His attorney argued the message showed that Caldwell saw the riot as a spontaneous event. He couldn’t be responsible for Oath Keepers entering the Capitol in a “stack,” a reference to a tactical formation if he was unaware of the plan.

Caldwell is accused of conspiring with members of the Oath Keepers, an extremist right-wing militia group (MSN’s word, not ours!), to attack the Capitol and entering it on January 6 as Congress met to certify the election results.

While Caldwell may not have been a dues-paying member of the Oath Keepers, the government argued that the defendant’s communication with members of the group, including discussion of where people should stay, amounts to conspiring to delay or stop Congress’ certification of the vote.

“This is a good location and would allow us to hunt at night if we wanted to,” Caldwell told a co-defendant on January 2 about a hotel, according to court filings.

Part of those alleged plans was to establish a “quick reaction force” stationed in Virginia, outside the Capital, in case those attending former President Donald Trump’s speech needed reinforcement. The government cites Caldwell providing maps to this force as his involvement in helping to plan the riot.

A former Navy commander, Caldwell worked for the FBI at one point and had a top-secret security clearance. His attorney, in a court filing, argued the quick reaction force was intended to “protect rally supporters from Antifa,” and had the Capitol Police engaged in the same level of planning, rioters may have been limited to protesting outside the building.

On March 12, a judge ordered Caldwell to be released from jail to his home, citing the former FBI worker’s disability as the reason for his release while several others with serious health conditions remain in prison:

National File asks – Was there federal involvement in January 6?

Epps, Moseley contends, will offer the jury reasonable doubt that his client did anything wrong.

“A jury needs to see that Ray Epps went around, on video, telling people to enter the Capitol and beat up police,” said Moseley.

Moseley asked, rhetorically, “Ray Epps is on video doing it, but there’s no evidence Kelly Meggs did it?”

“That means Kelly Meggs is not guilty.”

Most of the known video showing Epps repeatedly urging Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. to storm the Capitol has since been compiled and released on Rumble.

This cut reveals that Epps openly attempted to recruit people to enter the U.S. Capitol at least five times before the civil unrest began on January 6:

Moseley, who also represents Proud Boys Philadelphia chapter president Zach Rehl, believes Epps’ testimony will undermine the government’s cases against several high-profile January 6 defendants.

“There is no allegation that either the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers actually committed any violence, interacted with police officers, or caused any damage,” said Moseley.

He added that prosecutors are making an “abstract case” in which they’re claiming his clients “encouraged someone” to do something – largely depending on out-of-context text messages from group chats to prove it – even as evidence Moseley says represents Epps’ involvement remains ignored.

“They’re claiming my client encouraged someone to do this thing,” said Moseley, “But we actually see Ray Epps encouraging people to do it on video.”

It appears that, should Epps be an official employee of an intelligence agency,  including the FBI, then the government would have the opportunity to deny Moseley’s subpoena for Epps to testify.

“My client, and the majority of January 6 defendants, are alleged to have done what we all saw Ray Epps do on video,” said Moseley.

“The government is going to have to respond to this fact.”

“If Ray Epps is telling people to go into the Capitol, then my client isn’t,” he added definitively.

At the same time, Moseley told National File that Rhodes’ testimony should underscore the facts as he presents them, specifically that the Oath Keepers traveled to Washington, D.C. to provide security for high profile conservatives and never intended to enter the Capitol.

“The whole battle with this case is why did the Oath Keepers come to Washington,” said Moseley. “Stewart Rhodes can testify that they came to be security escorts at the permitted demonstrations on the Capitol grounds and at the Ellipse.”

Moseley has also subpoenaed an FBI agent, the defense training providers the government alleges provided paramilitary education to the Oath Keepers, WMAL radio, the Architect of the Capitol, the former Chief of Capitol Police, the current Chief of Capitol Police, Capitol police officer Harry Dunn, a reporter from the New Yorker, and other federal law enforcement officials.


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