Recall Petition Approved For Soros-Backed DA — Signature Collection Begins

Californians are attempting to recall another radical liberal Democrat.

A new recall petition was just approved by LA County’s Registrar’s Office.

LA Times reported:

Campaign organizers seeking to recall Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón can now start collecting signatures in their second bid to remove the progressive prosecutor from office, officials said.

The county’s Registrar’s Office approved the new recall petition Thursday that requires organizers to gather signatures of support from 10% of the county’s registered voters — a little more than 560,000 people — by July 6. Organizers halted their first recall attempt last fall after they were unable to gather the necessary signatures by the end of October.

Gascón, 67, was elected in 2020 on a pledge to reform the county’s criminal justice system. Since he took office, juveniles are no longer being charged as adults, sentencing enhancements that he says lead to mass incarceration have been eliminated and cash bail for nonviolent felony offenses has ended. Misdemeanors associated with substance abuse and mental illness are also being diverted out of the criminal justice system.

But recall organizers contend that Gascon’s policies favor defendants and have contributed to a rise in crime. His critics include L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, law enforcement officers, some prosecutors and victims’ rights groups.

Los Angeles has been a disaster under George Gascón.

Los Angles saw a spike in many crimes.

Homicides increased by 12% year-over-year, violent crime increased 3.9% and property crimes rose by 4.2% — these are only a few of the increases.


Los Angeles saw spikes in select categories of crime in 2021, most notably a nearly 12% year-over-year climb in homicides, but the mayor and police chief said re-deployments of officers and a focus on getting guns off the streets preventing the numbers from soaring much higher.

Among the more notable statistics were the 11.8% increase in homicides, while violent crime increased 3.9% and property crimes rose by 4.2%. The number of people shot rose by 9%.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the downfall of Los Angeles under Gascón.

Crimes are being committed in broad daylight:

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The LA PD Union Chief even said they “can’t guarantee your safety.”

“Don’t Come, We Can’t Guarantee Your Safety” – Los Angeles PD Union Chief Gives Ominous Warning to Americans Thinking of Visiting The Crime Ravaged City (VIDEO)

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