Liberal Reporter Asks Psaki Why Biden Isn’t “Focused More on Scolding the Unvaccinated” (VIDEO)

The dehumanization of the unvaccinated continues unabated.

A liberal reporter on Wednesday asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki why Joe Biden isn’t “scolding” the unvaxxed.

White House press briefings are now limited to just fourteen reporters according to an announcement Sunday by the White House Correspondents’ Association because of fears about the Omicron COVID variant.

The entire White House Press Pool is now full of left-wing sycophants who are helping to promote the Biden Regime’s Communist takeover under the guise of Covid restrictions.

One of the 14 “approved” left-wing reporters was demanding Joe Biden make life miserable for the unvaxxed.

“Why hasn’t the president focused more on scolding the unvaccinated to try to tell them, ‘hey this is not working for society, you know, we keep getting these shutdowns,'” a reporter asked Psaki, referring to French President Macron’s vow to make life miserable for the unvaxxed.

“Not working for society”??

This is the US, not France.

A US President does not have the authority to tell Americans how to live and die.


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