“For the First Time We Were All Able to Sing the Star-Spangled Banner Together, We Sang it Loud and Proud” – Exclusive: Patriots Speak Out from the Inside of DC “GITMO” – One Year After January 6

By Kelly Wilde

One year after January 6th, we remember the American citizens who marched on the Capitol in peaceful protest only to be brutally attacked by the Capitol and Metro Police, entrapped by federal operatives, and smeared across the nation.

These protestors were peaceful until police mercilessly threw flash bombs, tear gas, and other crowd-control munitions into the crowd, killing at least four Trump supporters. Some came to defend old people, women, and children who were being violently assaulted by police that day.

One year later, at least 50 are rotting in jail in illegal pretrial incarceration. They have been denied due process and are being treated inhumanely, systematically held in months-long solitary confinement breaking international standards for cruel and unusual punishment. Meanwhile, the mainstream magnates pervert and suppress evidence and defend police brutality in order to maintain their twisted narrative.

Jonathan Gennaro Mellis is one of the “Jan Sixers” who has been held in 11 months of pre-trial detention under 23-hour lockdown, placed without justification for 35 days in solitary confinement and denied attendance to his Purple Heart decorated father’s funeral—a damning testimony to the “presumption of innocence” and far outside the bounds of our legal process.

Despite the dark totalitarian cloud that rumbles over our country, Mellis’ love for America—like the rest of the Jan 6 hostages—can not be subdued.  He wrote a letter describing the experience of celebrating the 4th of July from inside the inside of “DC Gitmo” while being abused by his country for five months.

***Please consider donating to Mellis’ legal defense fund: https://www.givesendgo.com/j6jonny

The letter shows that the attempts at sabotage by a left-wing cultural revolution—determined to falsely injure and degrade the Jan Sixers, and abetted by our very own government—can not crush the loyal heart of a true American, no matter how dark the hour. Today we remember those men who have stood by our starry emblem and the sacred truth for which she stands.

Mellis’s letter is published in full below.

Jonathan Mellis, July 4, 2021

My name is Jonathan Mellis and I’m a January 6 detainee. Our 4th of July Independence Day celebration 2021 from the DC jail was one of the most beautiful and memorable nights of my life. I will tell you all about this deeply moving experience. Just allow me to explain a few things first. This way you can more clearly understand why this moment is so sentimental to me.

I am here together with about 3 dozen other Patriots. We all love our country, many of us being military vets. And we love God, most of us being family men. We sing the National Anthem every night at 9pm. The brotherhood we are building in here is one of the only bright spots since being placed in this torture chamber called the DC jail.

Through months of solitary confinement—which only eased a little as July started, but are back to strict 22-hour lockdown—and random cell doors being opened in the middle of the night to have Patriots zip-tied and beaten by correctional officers, our bonds of unity and brotherhood have only grown stronger. Through all of the improper dietary nutrition and lack of even video visitation we have been there for each other. None of us have seen the faces of our loved ones in almost a year. No haircuts or shaves either. The mold is rampant in our cells and the plumbing is constantly leaking. Our lives have been a living Hell. It is in these times when we become family with those who are not of the same blood. We look out for each other and lift those up who have fallen down. We are not alone in this feeling of being forsaken and abused. We are not alone in our prayers to God for compassion and mercy. We have each other.

We are the Patriot brotherhood of the January 6 political persecution. Yes, I said “political persecution”. If we were Left wingers who hated America and burned a city down the DOJ would never have even looked for us, much less held us in the inhumane and abusive conditions we have seen here. Let us not forget the summer of fire and looting in 2020.

This brings me to my next point. The mainstream media has lied about us so much it would be comical if it weren’t so dangerous to our very safety and well-being. We are good men, I promise. We are not racists. We are not extremists. We love God. We have big hearts and we give everyone a fair chance. When we first walked into this DC jail we were CLEARLY the target of hate by the correctional officers. Even though we are the most well behaved and respectful inmates this jail has ever seen, we were the subject of the guards abuse. Lockdowns, threats, beatings, and general neglect. The lies spread by the mainstream media directly affect how we are treated. We are seen as less than human because we are Trump supporters. They call us deplorables, racists, and extremists. We are accused of trying to overthrow the US government for Nazis, which is stupid and disgusting on so many levels. The mainstream media lies about us and then ignores our own voices. How are we supposed to defend ourselves? How is America supposed to find out what is happening to good patriotic men? We are being treated worse than Al Qaeda terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.

So, this was our situation on the 4th of July. We had actually finally started receiving more than 2 hours out of our cell per day, which was life changing for us. Still only half of us are allowed out of our cells at once for a few hours, but after lockdown 23/1 then 22/2 through June, it felt like pressure being released. We were happy to take whatever we could get.

On this particular night, right before the fireworks were to start, the female officer on duty decided to open everyone’s cell doors. Wow! We were so excited. Finally, for the first time we were all able to sing the Star-Spangled Banner together. We sang it so loud and proud that I’m sure it shook the building. The Congressional Cemetery is right across the street, and I bet even those dead people cracked a smile.

After our tear-jerking rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner many of us gathered at the 4×4 window in the back of the pod on the second tier to watch the fireworks over Washington DC. I will never forget the joy, love, and pride with which we congregated under the colors of the exploding fireworks as we stood there at that window talking and laughing. We are brothers. Our bonds have been forged in the hardest of conditions by a government we refuse to give up on. They will not break our spirit. They will never shake our love for this beautiful country. We believe in freedom. We believe in God. And we will continue to pray for the enemies of both. So if anyone out there feels like they are losing faith in America, just remember that the January 6 political prisoners still stand for the flag every night with our hands on our hearts.

Strength and Honor,
Jonathan Mellis #376907

Mellis was at the West Terrace entrance of the Capitol on January 6th at the scene of the death of Rosanne Boyland. [/2021/12/riveting-oan-interview-jan-6-witness-philip-anderson-knocked-unconscious-next-rosanne-boyland-died-says-police-caused-stampede-killed/] Body camera video evidence, which was withheld by law enforcement until just this week after a tough legal battle to release it, shows Boyland being brutally beaten by a metro police officer to such a degree that the stick used broke in half as it was bashed onto her head. She was already lifeless on the ground.

Having just witnessed the trampling and beating to death of Boyland, Mellis comes into the picture defending others from what he perceived to be an imminent threat. He is accused of assaulting the attacking officer after running to the aid of Boyland’s friend, who is seen on video yelling for help, and screaming “She’s dead, she’s dead.”

In a motion for bond filed December 31st, the record states that Mellis was seen yelling “Show him how merciful we are!” and “Keep him safe!” when a police officer fell into the crowd.

Mellis believes that a proper trial will correct the record regarding the true events of that day, the cause of death of Rosanne Boyland, and his accused actions in defense of another.  He is in dire need of support for his legal defense fund to deliver justice at trial. To support his legal fund, please visit https://www.givesendgo.com/j6jonny.

Mellis is still incarcerated in the DC Correctional Treatment facility along with several dozen January 6thdefendants, whose love for our country burns more brightly now than ever despite every effort to thwart it.

***Please consider donating to Mellis’ legal defense fund: https://www.givesendgo.com/j6jonny

The flag made by Garrett that they pledged to each night and then sent to Marjorie Taylor Greene.


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