FALLING APART: Latest Health Data From Scotland Mirrors the UK – Unvaccinated Have Lower Covid-19 Case, Hospitalization, AND DEATH RATES Than the ‘Fully Vaxxed’

The latest public health data published by the Scottish Government reveals that the COVID-19 “age-standardized case rate” is at its highest among the double-jabbed ‘fully vaccinated’ – and it isn’t particularly close.

The update also showed the sharp negative efficiency was maintained throughout double vaccinated rates for hospitalizations and deaths over the past four weeks.

And just like in the UK, the group who has fared the best when it comes to avoiding the Wu-flu over the past four weeks has been the unvaccinated.


So much for the US public health regime’s bogus claim that, despite not preventing transmission,  vaccines are “incredibly safe” and “protect against severe illness and death.”

What else are they hiding?

According to Table 14 of this week’s “Public Health Scotland COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report,” which shows the rate of infection over the past 4 weeks, the double/triple vaxxed are more likely to catch the virus, checking in at a rate of 865.79 per 100,000 and 481.49 per 100,000, respectively.

In comparison, the unjabbed case rate is just 412.77 per 100,000.

From PHS Table 14:

As illustrated above, the age-standardized case rates have been lowest in the unvaccinated group every single week for the past month – even the freshly-boosted cannot compete with their natural protection.

And when the data is presented in a linear graph using the 7-day rolling average of cases, the difference is readily apparent at first glance.

At its peak, the unvaccinated (top line – purple) barely crack a rate of 200 per 100,000, whereas the single/double/triple jabbed all clearly experience significantly higher peaks.

As for the hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated, the data isn’t much better.

What the PHS report makes clear is that the twice-jabbed are experiencing a higher rate of severe illness than anyone else, and, concerningly, the difference has only been getting worse as time continues.

From PHS table 15 (rate of hospitalizations):

And table 16 (rate of deaths):

As of right now, those who have taken two doses of the vaccine are dying at a rate of 11.89 per 100,000, which is over 50% higher than the unvaxxed. It should also be noted that – despite the abysmal results related to the transmission of the virus, the booster appears as-if has been doing its job and protecting against severe illness (11.68 per 100,000) and death (.46 per 100,000), but this is highly (and purposefully) misleading.

Buried within Appendix 6 of the PHS report is a section that defines how the official statistics are calculated. Per their own guidelines, all cases during the first 21 days after the first shot are recorded in the “unvaccinated” group. Additionally, those who have already received two shots, but are infected, hospitalized, or die within the first 14 days after receiving their booster would be lumped in with the two-dose cohort.

From Appendix 6:

It should also be noted that it is too early in the timeline for the majority of individuals who have taken their booster to hit peak protection (supposedly at day 45) and subsequent decline in immunity from there.

What the PHS report purports to show is that 18.5% of the hospitalizations in Scotland were unvaccinated – even less, it says, were boosted, but how many were vaccinated? Their case/hospitalization/death numbers include countless people within 21 days of the first shot and 14 days of their third.

Because of the lack of transparency surrounding the raw numbers, we cannot determine an exact number that have been switched over at this time.

This nefarious manipulation of the public health data is a tactic that’s assumed to have been employed across the world as a brazen attempt to cover up the failures of the experimental vaccine.

In fact, the Canadian province of Alberta just accidentally exposed themselves for engaging in this fraudulent practice before scrambling to delete the data from their website.

Thankfully, The Gateway Pundit has the receipts:


As Daniel Horowitz from Blaze Media puts it, this Covid data fraud is the “ultimate pandemic Ponzi scheme”:

Hence, for all these months, all the cases and deaths from those made more vulnerable from the first shot – which is caused by the mass vaccination, not the unvaccinated – are counted against the unvaccinated. Over time, as the shots waned on the back end, the truth became evident.

Now they are starting the cycle all over again by making the two-dose group look even worse than they are by dumping all of the cases caused by the initial take-up from the third dose into the cohort of double-vaccinated.

It’s the ultimate pandemic Ponzi scheme. Just wait another two months and see what the fourth-shot group looks like relative to the triple-dosers, as the immediate vaccination causes an even greater spike in cases. In other words, you have to look in totality where we are headed rather than manipulating a snapshot of time.”

If this is the case, and nothing is indicating anything otherwise, it is yet another evil human rights violation to add to the docket in the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.


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