Covid Vaccines are A THREAT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY, according to Author of “Vaccines Are Dangerous!”

Curtis Cost, the author of “Vaccines Are Dangerous”, spoke with Gateway Pundit about his new forum of African American influencers speaking out against the vaccine and mandates.

“I am not rich, I am not white, I am not a female,” said Cost. “That is the stereotype they are trying to put out there about what type of people are against these vaccines. That is false.”

Mr. Cost, a confidante of fellow anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Children’s Health Defense, is the founder of Informed African Americans. He is a respected New York City Anti-Vaccine Activist and Rally Organizer.

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According to his website, “the group ‘Informed African Americans’ is a panel of experts addressing the hard questions for all who want to know the truth. Find out what they don’t want us to know. Discover what’s being done to us in the name of COVID.”

Speakers on the online free forum include Dr. Alim Muhammad, Attorney Tricia Lindsay, Dr. Aaron Lewis and Angela Stanton King (relative of Martin Luther Ling, Jr.) and Founder of The American King Foundation and others.

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“One of the first motivations in starting this was to show that we have intellectuals in the Black Community who do not go along with the narrative,” said Cost. “We felt a need to give a more balanced perspective to the African American community and public in general.  Up until now all the influencers the mainstream media have allowed airtime are people who are telling us to go take the vaccine- religious leaders, sports figures, entertainers and politicians all saying the same mantra- go get the covid shot, get tested frequently, stand 6 feet apart. We are not getting the other side of the information. So these experts are here to give a different perspective. To show there is another point of view in the African American Community.”

Cost stressed that the information is for everybody, not just African Americans, but it was important to dispel the narrative that being pushed by the media that resistance to the covid vaccine mandates is only a “white cause”.

“Something like 70 percent of the African American community are saying they are not going to take the shot,” said Cost. “More and more African American are getting involved in the protests and the groups in New York and across the country- the perception that only white people are against the vaccine is false. My task is to try to wake up more and more people- Black, White, Hispanic and Asian on these issues and get more and more of us involved in these organizations fighting against the mandates.”

Please visit Cost’s site at  and *As to be expected, both websites are highly censored and on many browsers you must click on a number of ‘warnings” to get to these pages. Mr. Cost asks that you please be patient and reassured the site is secure and the “warnings” are more than likely another ploy by big tech to censor out alternate opinions.

“The facts are on our side, all they have are smoke and mirrors,” said Cost. “All they are doing is using influencers- like a doctor, a minister, a basketball player…to have an emotional impact on the target market. They have to use emotion because they can’t win. These vaccines are dangerous.”

 According to Cost, the public should one more afraid of vaccines and boosters than the Omicron variant.

“Stop living in fear!” said Cost. “They want you to wear masks and be afraid. Don’t live in fear. These masks are stupid. It’s hard to imagine how so many Americans can be fooled by these masks. It makes you wonder if maybe a flock of pigeons could take over this country. We are so stupid to think a two dollar mask is going to protect us from a deadly virus.”

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