COVID INSANITY: Scottish Newspaper Asks Readers if ‘COVID Internment Camps’ Should be Introduced

The Daily Record, a highly influential Scotland newspaper asked its readers if the country should follow Australia’s lead and began introducing COVID internment camps.

In a Facebook post on Daily Record’s official page, they said, “Australians are being detained in Covid internment camps for 14 days if they test positive or are suspected positive. Should we follow their lead?”

The majority of individuals who responded were outraged. One user said, “What a disgrace of a question??? Surely the obvious answer to should there be INTERNMENT CAMPS always be a resounding NO!!!!!”

Another replied, “This headline is an all time low.”

One user answered, “Yes. We need protection from anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Put them there and some people at this news rag can lead the way.”

One individual replied, “That a national newspaper can consider such a question to be worthy of debate shows how far removed as a society we are now from having basic respect for human rights and liberty. To consider sending people to prison for a positive test which may not even be accurate. This is a scary echo of Germany in 1930’s.”

In December, three individuals escaped an Australian quarantine camp and were arrested. They scaled a fence to break out of the facility and were found after a manhunt was sent out for them.


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