COVID Child Abuse: Virginia Elementary School Teacher Holds Class Outdoors in Sub-Freezing Weather (Update: “Snack and Mask Break”?)

A teacher at an elementary school in the D.C. suburb of Northern Virginia was seen on video holding class outdoors in sub-freezing weather Tuesday according to a post by a parents group. COVID fears have led schools around the country to make children take classes or eat lunch outdoors in cold weather. (Update at end.)

A photo and video each show a teacher reading to students bundled up against the 24-degree cold who were sitting on the sidewalk between piles of snow in front of Waynewood Elementary, located a few miles south of Alexandria in the Fort Hunt area of Fairfax County.

The Fairfax County Parents Association, which describes itself as a “Nonpartisan group representing thousands of Fairfax County parents prioritizing children over politics in public education,” posted:

“It’s well below freezing in Fairfax County, yet young children are having story time on the cold concrete outside at @waynewoodes. This is the result of poor leadership and confusing guidance to teachers. Get these little ones inside! @FCPSSupt @fcpsnews @fairfaxhealth…Video of the elementary school kids sitting in 24 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit, below freezing) at @waynewoodes today. This is Virginia, where kids don’t routinely wear down and wool. @Karen4Schools @FCPSSupt @fcpsnews”

The video shows the teacher has most of the kids sitting in the shade as she stands in front of them holding a book.

There does not appear to be any comment yet by school officials.

A local weather chart shows the temperatures for Tuesday in the area styed in the mid-20s for most of the day.

Update: National Review reported a statement by Fairfax County Public Schools:

“This morning on Twitter, an anonymous parent group posted a video that was taken outside of Waynewood Elementary School in Alexandria. In the video, a group of third grade students are taking a snack and mask break in front of the school,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “The weather conditions were monitored, and the students were outside for less than seven minutes. The teacher was reading a story to keep the students entertained. Students do go outside for mask and snack breaks in cold weather, but that time is limited.”

And on Twitter, “Regarding this video, the students are taking a snack & mask break in front of the school. Weather conditions were monitored & students were outside less than 7 min. Note that students do go outside for breaks in cold weather, but that time is limited, as was the case here.”

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