CNN Tries To Put Jim Acosta In Their Primetime Lineup And He’s A Ratings Dud

Ever since CNN booted Chris Cuomo, they have been struggling to fill his 9 PM slot.

They recently decided to try putting Jim Acosta in their primetime line-up, but things didn’t go according to plan.

Jim Acosta is a left wing hack and people know it. He barely even registered on the ratings map.

FOX News reports:

Jim Acosta’s foray into CNN’s primetime lineup struggles to attract viewers

Jim Acosta’s troubled foray this week into CNN’s primetime lineup included everything from disinformation to widely mocked hot takes, but the outspoken host’s saving grace could be that hardly anybody tuned in.

CNN has experimented with different options at 9 p.m. ET since it was forced to terminate Chris Cuomo last year. This week, it was Acosta’s turn to occupy the time slot with the network’s continuing special, “Democracy in Peril,” that failed to resonate with viewers.

Acosta averaged only 561,000 viewers through the first three episodes of his primetime audition, while Fox News’ time slot competition “Hannity” averaged 3 million viewers during the same period. Acosta’s primetime debut also shed viewers from the 774,000 that “Cuomo Prime Time” attracted during November before the liberal network canned its biggest star.

“Chris Cuomo was pompous but also entertaining. His replacement either needs to be animated or respected, neither of which is Acosta,” OutKick media columnist Bobby Burack told Fox News Digital…

“CNN viewers may like Jim Acosta’s political views, but that doesn’t mean they like him,” Burack continued. “How could they? Acosta is a bitter man, who talks in clichés and cracks jokes only he finds funny.”

The numbers speak for themselves. No one is watching Acosta.

CNN is a disaster. Jim Acosta is not the solution to their problems.

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