BREAKING…Recent Podcast Shows Bob Saget Telling Fan: “I went to the pharmacy the other day and I got my booster shot” [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up – Bob Saget, the popular “Full House” actor, and comedian was found dead in his room by a Ritz-Carlton hotel worker around 4 PM yesterday afternoon.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department tweeted about Saget’s death, saying they found no evidence of foul play:

Moments before he was found dead in his hotel room, Saget posted a message on Twitter about how he loved tonight’s show in Jacksonville, FL. He said he was “happily addicted again to this shit,” in his tweet. He added a link for his followers to find his upcoming 2022 show dates.

He recently shared a post on Instagram that appears to show a very happy Saget.I’m back in comedy like I was when I was 26. I guess I’m finding my new voice and loving every moment of it,” Saget wrote.

On December 13, the comedian posted an interesting conversation with a guest calling into his podcast. In the clip he posted to Instagram, Saget tells the fan he just got the [COVID] booster.

In the description of his December 13 podcast episode on Instagram, he explains how he’s trying to give fans some “solace” over the divisive COVID topic by injecting some humor into their lives.

In this podcast I talk to quite a few people, all with funny or touching stories to share…

When I started this podcast, I decided to call it “Bob Saget’s Here For You,” as it was just two weeks before the Covid lockdown. I had been doing a stand up tour, working on a new hour, and I could feel dissension in the audiences between people. I wanted to try to give some solace to them—And if I was going to do a podcast, I wanted it to be funny and meaningful.

I thought I would occasionally do episodes where I would call people, after they left a message for me, so I could see how they’re doing. So this is a fun and hopeful returning to that kind of episode.

I surprised Elizabeth and her super-fan dad, Chris, who admitted he has man-crush on me. I spoke with Karen who told me of nightmare Tinder matches and about a scammer who tried to sell her a house and she got out of the deal by telling him she was a satanist. Then there’s Ben and his story about the not-so-smart hardware store employee, who asked an off-color question about Ben’s wife’s private area. There’s several other kind funny peeps, and lastly, Sam, the DJ who called me when he was hungover and said he just wanted to spread a little positivity and unity among people.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed talking to these interesting funny and kind callers.

Here’s the video of Saget’s conversation where he says, “I went to the pharmacy the other day and I got the booster shot.” He added, “I should’ve gotten it in my arm, but I got it in my butt, so I’m in pain.”

Here’s his original Instagram post (watch it before it gets deleted!)


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We will update this story with any new developments about the cause of Bob Saget’s death as soon as they become available.



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