“Whatever it Takes” – Biden Supports Senate Filibuster ‘Exception’ to Ram Through Voting Legislation – Says He Would Axe the Longstanding Senate Practice Without Hesitation (VIDEO)

During a trainwreck one-on-one interview on Wednesday with ABC’s David Muir, Joe Biden said that he was in favor of “whatever it takes” to force his radical agenda through the US legislature in order for it to become law, even if it means terminating the filibuster – which he said he would do without hesitation if given the chance. 

Biden made the comments when Muir asked him about the Democrat’s proposed changes to federal election procedures included in H.R.1, which includes a sweeping overhaul on voting rights that would enable countless illegal aliens to cast votes and allow for even more extensive fraud than there was in 2020.

The radical legislation – which is deceptively named the ‘for the people act’ – would essentially rig US elections for good if it is passed, but the resolution has been unable to make it through the Senate thanks to the 50-50 split and the longstanding filibuster – which requires legislation to achieve 60 votes in order to pass.

Unfortunately, trivial things and semantics – like, you know, having enough votes – isn’t a concern for the current dictator in chief.

In response to Muir just flat-out asking if he supported “fundamental changes” to the longstanding rules of the US Senate to achieve his radical agenda, Biden immediately responded with a “yes.”

When asked “what that means,” Biden continued:

Biden: “It means whatever it takesChange the Senate rules to accommodate major pieces of legislation without requiring 60 votes.”

Muir: “So you support a carve-out of the filibuster for voting rights?

Biden: “The only thing standing between getting voting rights legislation passed and not getting passed is the filibuster.

I support making the exception of voting rights for the filibuster.”


In case you were wondering if Biden was just more out of it than usual because someone scheduled an interview for him past his bedtime, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the administration is setting its sights on the filibuster for a messy takedown on Thursday during her press briefing, also calling it the “only thing standing in the way” of the Democrats’ anti-American agenda.

Somehow, as she advocates to destroy the checks and balances of power in the US, she also claims that Biden “has always been committed to” the democratic process.”



Like most other platforms Biden campaigned on, his stance on the filibuster has flip-flopped from what it was before he was fraudulently placed in office. 

He was quoted several times as being in favor of keeping it, even calling its removal “a very dangerous thing to do” at one campaign stop.


And that’s the ol’ bait and switch.


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