Capitol Police Officers Who Were Hailed as Heroes – Were Involved in Much More That Day….

Officers Michael Fanone and Lila Morris, and Officer Harry Dunn with Nancy Pelosi.  Morris was filmed beating Rosanne Boyland with a stick before her death.

In July Trump supporter and activist, Philip Anderson confirmed to The Gateway Pundit that Capitol Police killed Trump protester Rosanne Boyland on January 6. 

Philip knows this because he was next to her when she died.  He was holding her hand.  And Philip nearly died himself.

Activist Philip Anderson spoke with The Gateway Pundit about the Jan. 6 protests at the US Capitol and how the Capitol police murdered Rosanne Boyland and nearly took his life too.

The January 6 Commission will NEVER call in Philip Anderson to testify. It would blow up their narrative. 

** We have reported on the tragic death of Rosanne Boyland several times.

This was an amazing eyewitness report that has been ignored by the fake news media because it does not fit their narrative.  A black Trump supporter was gassed with clouds of pepper spray, pushed down, and then nearly trampled to death as police officers continued to push people on top of a pile outside the US Capitol.

Anderson described how Rosanne Boyland was the first woman killed by Capitol police that day.

Ashli Babbitt was the second woman killed by Capitol Hill police.

This photo shows Philip Anderson nearly unconscious being dragged away by Trump supporters after being crushed under a pile on Jan. 6. Roseanne Boylan was next to him when she died.

Philip Anderson fell and was being smothered as police officers continued to push Trump supporters on top of him.  Philip told The Gateway Pundit how he was holding Rosanne’s hand when she died.

Philip posted this on social media before his account was taken down.

Via Make America Stop Hate on Instagram.

A second eye-witness also contacted The Gateway Pundit following our interview with Philip and confirmed his account.

A third eye-witness then contacted The Gateway Pundit last weekend and told her story on how the Capitol Police pushed Trump supporters down the stairs.  She was also afraid she would die that day by the actions of the police.

Now there is video of this…

And here is a photo of the Trump supporters being shoved down the stairs by Capitol police.

In this video posted at Make America Stop Hate you see Rosanne Boyland being trampled and beat with sticks. You see the Capitol Police DO NOTHING to save her. You see Trump supporters attempted CPR to save her life. And you see Trump supporters shoved down the steps at the US Capitol.

TGP contributor Cara Castronuevo identified the Capitol Hill Police Officer who was beating Rosanne before she died as she lay unconscious.

And Cara spoke with Rosanne’s sister recently in an exclusive video.

Here is the rest of the story the fake news media refuses to report on.

Via Make America Stop Hate.


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American Greatness author Julie Kelly wrote about Rosanne’s death and what happened to her body.

This was published in the Tennessee Star.

Officers Dunn and Gonell filled in some of the gaps during their opening remarks to the first hearing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 select committee.

“In the Crypt, I encountered Sergeant Gonell, who was giving assistance to an unconscious woman who had been in the crowd of rioters on the west side of the Capitol,” Dunn said in his prepared remarks on July 27. “I helped to carry her to the House Majority Leader’s office, where she was administered CPR.”

Gonell testified that around 4:26 p.m. on January 6, he gave “CPR to one of the rioters who breached the Capitol in an effort to save her life.” He did not elaborate and committee members, including alleged truth-seeking Representatives Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), didn’t ask any follow-up questions.

But Gonell’s timeline jibes with a timestamp on body camera footage showing Boyland stretched on her side, not moving, near the tunnel’s entrance. Her friend, Justin Winchell, desperately screams her name. “Roseanne! Roseanne!” He repeatedly asks for help. “She’s dead! She’s dead!”

For the next few moments, unidentified individuals tried to give Boyland CPR. “[R]ioters . . . attempted but failed to resuscitate her,” a New York Times investigative  report disclosed on January 28. “They then carried her back to the police battling rioters at the doorway, who moved her into the Capitol Rotunda, where paramedics eventually reached her.” One eyewitness said, “by the time that they decided to pick the person up and give them to a police officer, she had blue lips and blood was coming out of her nose.”

When paramedics arrived, according to a January 15 Times article, “two Capitol Police officers in the Rotunda [were] performing CPR on Ms. Boyland.” Gonell was one.

Boyland was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead at 6:09 p.m.


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