WATCH: AZ Mother Targeted And Harassed By School Board: “We’re TERRIFIED Of This Person Having Access To Our Information. My Eight And 10-Year-Old Daughters’ Photos Were Found on Public Dossier”

A Scottsdale mother, Amanda Wray was recently targeted by local school board officials and Mark Greenburg, the father of School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg.

She was one of 50 parents whose private information including social security numbers, home documents, divorce documents, hidden camera footage, and other private personal information was harvested and publicized by Scottdale Unified School District officials.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Amanda was repeatedly harassed by Mark Greenburg, the crazed father of the school board president.

Greenburg also wished other victims of his stalking would die, saying “I’ll be so happy,  I’ll have a f— party”.

(VIDEO) DISGUSTING School Board PRESIDENT: Whispers “Jesus F– Christ, These People” After Parent Makes Comment

Amanda Wray was one of Greenburg’s top targets. She appeared on FOX and Friends yesterday to share her story.

FOX host: When you looked into this, what did you find?

Wray: Well, we found a digital dossier of more than 50 parents in our community, myself included with divorce decrees mortgage documents, background checks, social security numbers, it was really terrifying.

FOX host: I’m just curious, why would you be tracked?

Wray: Well, I became an advocate for increased transparency within our district and I became a vocal advocate for parental rights in education, and that made me a target. And our school board president has harassed and intimidated us. All parents in our district or you know hundreds of them and we’re terrified of this person having access to our information. My eight and 10-year-old daughters’ photos were found in Jan Miko Greenberg’s dossier.

FOX host: And the individual you just mentioned, is the President his father is also connected to this. They have emails that are attached to all of this; they deny any involvement. What can you tell us about these two guys?

Wray: Well, Jann-Michael revealed this Google Drive in an email to two parents. He sent an unsolicited email to those parents with the Google Drive address. He copied the Superintendent and the Board Vice President and to deny that it exists or deny connections, either somebody has access to his district email, or somebody is pretending to be him but I don’t know how he’s gonna explain how he’s not involved.

FOX host: What do you make of a statement like that? It seems like they are deflecting when they should be taken responsibility if all this is true.

Wray: Yeah, it’s weak. I understand he’s an elected official and the superintendent answers to him, but we need our superintendent and our other board members to step up, and hold this person accountable. If they really care about the district and our students and parents and trust, they need to call for his resignation. We don’t feel safe with him on the board.

FOX Host: Quickly. What’s your message to people who mess with kids like this, your kids, parents’ kids?

Wray: I tell you what. You know, parents are not the domestic terrorists here. We are the victims and I want all parents, grandparents, and community members to stand up and let these districts know that we’re not going to back down and be diminished. We want to have rights, parental rights, and a voice within our school districts and be involved in our children’s education. And we’re not backing down.

These people are the real terrorists.

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