Fact Check: Leftist Hacks at NPR Lied About The Gateway Pundit and Election Fraud Again — HERE IS OUR RESPONSE

Already a year after the contested 2020 election, voter doubts about the validity of the election continue. Polls show that the public is actually increasingly skeptical of the results that foisted lazy Joe Biden over popular incumbent President Donald Trump. Polls show voter doubts have increased even though the mainstream media has silenced, de-platformed, canceled, suppressed, buried, and used every tactic possible to cover-up 2020 voter fraud.

But there’s no silencing the Gateway Pundit.

NPR recently tried to ‘debunk’ a substantial amount of original reporting from the Gateway Pundit relating to the 2020 election, and documented fraud in the swing state of Michigan.

We taped the clip and have it here for you to review:



Today The Gateway Pundit decided to dissect the many NPR lies in this brief 3:49 audio clip.

There are nine central claims we identify in this clip, 7 of which are outright dishonest lies by the reporter, and 2 are true but significantly out-of-context.

1.)  NPR: “They’ve already been through a state-led, bipartisan audit, in Michigan.”

This Michigan audit [1] was not “bipartisan.” The audit was a random sampling of several precincts to see if the counts in the precinct box matched the stated totals. The report itself says it did not bother to investigate anything, it was merely to make sure “election procedures were followed” and that the machines worked as they were supposed to. They did this ‘audit’ across the state. What the NPR reporter is relying on here, is a fluid and vague definition of ‘audit.’ It is correct to say that there were a few selective recounts. It is correct to say election clerks turned the voting machines on and off to see if they were smoking. It is accurate to say that the Secretary of State, who is the one accused of being complicit in the voter fraud, under protest, conducted a sample from across the state that she said proves there was no fraud. The state did not lead an audit, it conducted a review of election procedures.

This statement is completely dishonest by NPR.

2.) NPR: “Nobody’s denying that the vans came”
Wrong. Witnesses immediately reported the late night vans. Witnesses like Jose Aliaga, Shane Trejo, and Mellissa Carone, who were reported on TGP. The media said there were no vans. For months there were repeated denials that the vans had ballots. At first, the MSM said there were no vans. Then they said it was food for workers, that it was just chicken fingers. Then they said it was camera equipment. [2] Until TGP got ahold of the video, and documented that it was ballots, every media outlet denied that the vans came in at 3:30am. Every media outlet ignored or suppressed the many witnesses to the 3:30am Biden Ballot Dump until the Gateway Pundit had the video proving it was real two months later, which caused the media to immediately shift the party line to saying that it was just mere late-night ballots.
The mainstream media are chronically dishonest and their dishonesty here is extreme. They denied the late-night ballot dump for months until the Gateway Pundit proved otherwise. No matter how many times they repeat that lie, it won’t make it true.

This statement is completely dishonest by NPR.

3.) NPR: Confuses why unfolded ballots were important. Why was folding of the ballots important?

The NPR reporter talks over a person who says the ballots were not folded. They don’t explain why that’s important. It’s important because witnesses like Jose Aliaga, first reported at TGP, that mailed-in ballots were not folded. The people counting the ballots at TCF noticed that ballots that were too large to be mailed, were unfolded, even though they were marked as having been mailed. Other witnesses mentioned that unfolded mail-in ballots were missing their carrier envelopes completely.

RATING: This statement is completely dishonest by NPR.

4.) NPR: It’s not suspicious that a van shows up at 3:30am in the morning
That’s a massive mischaracterization by NPR. People at the TCF Center on election night asked about the van carrying the Biden Ballot Dump and were told, at TCF, to not worry about it. It was suspicious enough to cause voter fraud witness, and the Paul Revere of Detroit voter fraud Shane Trejo, to immediately run to GOP lawyers telling them to intervene.
There has been a history of late-night ballot dumps changing election results in Detroit. This tactic of suspicious late-night ballot dumps of supposed absentees used to flip an election where the preferred candidate was behind in election day votes is well-known, so well-known in fact that in Democrat Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey’s last Democrat primary election she used it against fellow Democrat now-Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist. Gilchrist called the 2016 election process administered by Winfrey “a complete catastrophe.” [9][10][11]

This isn’t to mention the fact that there was ANOTHER late-night ballot dump at 4:30am on election night 2020 and ANOTHER 5:00am [4], AS WELL AS the unknown person driving along with the white van that was seen paying someone money at the same time the ballots were delivered. [3]

These van drop-offs were extremely suspicious, and they’re so suspicious that the mainstream media goes into overdrive lying about them in order to quell their reader’s natural suspicion about their integrity.

RATING: This statement is completely dishonest by NPR.

5.) NPR: “Those were [the 3am Biden Ballot Dump] ballots that had been placed in drop boxes”

This is also not true.

City of Detroit whistleblower Jessy Jacob testified and swore an affidavit [13] saying that the drop boxes were checked and cleared every hour. There were no ballots in the drop boxes to be counted because they had all been cleared out every hour.

As well, Jose Aliaga told TGP that the ballots he counted, that came from the van, included a variety of ballots including absentees, military ballots, among others. These were not ballot box drops. Witness Elizabeth Forlini talked about many of these suspicious ballots as well. [22]

Other witnesses described these as mail-in ballots and military ballots, not just drop box ballots.

But NPR has no citation for their assertions. They have no proof for their claims, just assumptions. Many of their sources are the press secretary for the City of Detroit. NPR discounts actual witnesses, and then cites to a single, solitary PR flak working for the government as their source to debunk the claims.

There is no known chain of custody documents for the Biden Ballot Dump. NPR never bothers to ask why drop box ballots would need to show up so much later to the counting board, and to disclose their source who can prove their authenticity.

If NPR can’t name a credible source to say these ballots came from a drop box, then how do they know it? Who signed for these ballots? Where did they come from? Who delivered them? Who was responsible for making sure the proper processes were followed? NPR doesn’t trouble itself with any of these questions that any responsible journalist would ask and answer.

It’s also worth remembering that these illegal ballots came in during the early morning the day after the election, and a few short hours later all the GOP poll challengers were ejected from the room, illegally refused entry, and the City of Detroit ordered the windows covered up so that the balloting could not be seen. It was deliberate policy, documented prior to election night, to illegally suppress the Republican effort to protect the vote. [23]

RATING: This statement is completely dishonest by NPR.

6.) NPR: “Ed (Michigan State Senator Ed McBroom) lays out what he found…”

Sen. Ed McBroom ‘looked into it’ by asking the City of Detroit their opinion and ignoring every other witness.

McBroom didn’t bother collecting and reading the thousand affidavits of voter fraud witnesses in southeast Michigan. His report cites to none of the allegations painstakingly documented by these witnesses that came forward at great personal risk.

McBroom says that it was too complicated to run a scheme to defraud the ballots, that’s why it couldn’t exist. This isn’t an investigation, then, because he never considered the possibility that it was true. He looked into it, found it complicated, and made an assumption.

You can argue about whether or not it happened or not, but when the person who was tasked by the Michigan Senate for investigating it says that the only way it could happen is if it was complicated, he’s admitting he didn’t investigate.

RATING: This statement is completely dishonest by NPR.

7.) NPR: “Trump did better than anyone in 70 years in Detroit”

This is a very dishonest statistic often used to undercut voter fraud in Detroit. It relies on the 2016 election results that show Trump lost the City of Detroit 95%-3%. So that Trump moved up one percentage point, to 94-4%, it’s somehow proof there was no fraud.

The Detroit fraud was not meant to elect more Democrats in Detroit. The fraud was meant to overwrite the ballots of Trump voters statewide. Voter fraud witness Jose Aliaga has repeatedly said that he saw scores of ballots that were suspiciously only for the Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden, and Democrat Senate incumbent Gary Peters. [7] Every other election line was empty, what is called ‘undervoted.’

Detroit is 78% black and roughly 15% white. [12]

It voted 94% for Biden and 5% for Trump in 2020. [5]

It voted 95% for Hillary and 3% for Trump in 2016. [6]

Exit polls showed 12% of blacks voted Trump, along with 58% of whites. [22] The exit polls would then mean that Detroit should have produced 24,113 black Detroit Trump votes, and 22,412 white Detroit Trump votes, for a total of 46,525. Instead, Trump got 12,889 votes from Detroit, about 33,636 votes less than he should have.

Trump is missing these votes in the City of Detroit alone just from the patterns of how people vote by racial group. Trump received record support among black voters nationwide as a Republican, but for some reason in Detroit he barely moved the needle.

RATING: This statement is completely dishonest by NPR.

8.) NPR: “Anyone who had something to say could testify [to McBroom’s committee]”

This is actually true, but it’s a revelation that McBroom wasn’t serious about his inquiry. McBroom held his hearings for a set amount of time, and then let people come up and say whatever they wanted. He let people filibuster the actual witnesses. McBroom didn’t screen the people to get the cranks out of the room, and didn’t make sure that people understood what part of their statements were important. Imagine conducting any investigation this way: a free for all and you just cut it off after a few hours.

It’s proof yet again that McBroom’s investigation wasn’t serious.

RATING: This statement is true, but significantly out-of-context.

9.) NPR: He [Sen. McBroom] put together a 35 page report… and did ‘hundreds’ of hours of investigation

McBroom whines in the interview, but did he do a thorough job?

The Michigan House subpoenaed documents from the City of Detroit. [9] McBroom never looked at them, only two legislators have to our knowledge. These files are held by the House’s attorneys, at the law firm Warner Norcross. Most legislators don’t even know they exist. McBroom used zero subpoenas in the Senate to get evidence, making one wonder how much research he really did.

McBroom certainly never looked into the video that was watching every Zuckerberg ballot drop box in Detroit, which is well in the running to be the most corrupt city in America.

McBroom never interviewed or talked to Detroit whistleblower Jessy Jacob. [8]

McBroom and his staff never talked to Mellissa Carone, the Dominion whistleblower. [16]

McBroom never talked with Shane Trejo, who witnessed the van as it came into the TCF Center at 3:30am. [15]

McBroom never asked to speak to anyone from the Gateway Pundit about our investigation and work, which included in-depth interviews with many of the key witnesses early on. [21]

McBroom only lightly considered the massive chain of custody issues in election integrity. [14]

He performed no data analysis to look for unexplained trends in the voter data. [19]

Emails that came out later from FOIA showed that McBroom had clerks that were accused of voter fraud write parts of the report for him. [20]

McBroom thanks two researchers in his report. He spent a lot of time on the voter fraud allegations from Antrim County. He took about 6 months to write a 35 page report with no footnotes. [17][18] He’s surprised that people weren’t convinced by his effort.

It’s all proof yet again that McBroom’s investigation wasn’t serious. If McBroom spent hundreds of hours, then shouldn’t the thousands of hours spent by the Gateway Pundit and its researchers matter more?

RATING: This statement is true, but significantly out-of-context.

The continued dishonesty of the mainstream media as it relates to the documented voter fraud in the 2020 election continues.

The big lies about the Big Steal is that the 2020 election was the safest and most secure election in U.S. history. The truth is that rampant voter fraud and illegal actions were chronic and pervasive by the organized left, and have been un-investigated, un-pursued, unacknowledged, and ignored by corporate media and their corporate fact-check commissars.

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