Elementary School Nurse Accidentally Vaccinates Wrong 6-Year-Old Student Without Parental Consent

A nurse working for the Calvert County Health Department gave a student at Dowell Elementary School in Lusby, Maryland, a COVID 19 vaccine without consent from the student’s parents.

100 Percent Fed Up – The student was six years old and did NOT have consent from their parents. Even after the child told the nurse they weren’t supposed to get the vaccine; the student was still given the jab.

According to ABC 7News, the 6-year-old was mistaken for a different student who shared the same name. A medical mixup like this could have had perilous consequences, but, fortunately, the child is reportedly okay following this accidental vaccination.

This is not the only case of children being accidentally or incorrectly vaccinated. For example, in early November, 112 kids were given the wrong dose of the COVID vaccine in Loudoun Country, VA. Soon after, three kids in the same county received the wrong vaccine dose again!

The Left is in such a rush to get everyone vaccinated that elementary students are being given the COVID vaccine before the proper protocol and vaccination training is established. It is the children of our country that are now at the mercy of unprepared medical staff giving them vaccines that they don’t even need.

Below is the statement released by the Calvert County Health Department that explains the inexcusable, unauthorized jab of a minor at the elementary school by one of the nurses who work for the health department. “The nurses were visibly upset that such a thing could happen,” the Calvert County Health officer wrote in his public statement. One can only imagine how “visibly upset” the poor 6-year-old was when they were given the jab despite having told the nurses his or her parents had NOT given their permission to give the student the COVID jab.


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