WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy Accuses Someone At The White House of “Smoking The Devil’s Lettuce” (VIDEO)

When asked about President Biden’s claim that his massive “Build Back Better” social spending plan will add $0 to the deficit because it will be paid for by tax increases (allegedly) Sen. John Kennedy responded with a mocking remark during an appearance on FOX News with Harris Faulkner on Thursday,

According to Kennedy, “I think a majority of Americans are saying Republicans aren’t perfect but the Democrats are now crazy. They think they can tax, spend and regulate us into prosperity and they think America can only be great through its federal government.”

“The federal government didn’t make America great. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things did,” he explained. ”  You don’t make tax policy on the basis of class warfare and you don’t make tax policy solely on revenue. This is an extraordinarily complex economy. The greatest economy in all of human history. You sit down and make thoughtful changes. You also look for offsets if you are going to raise taxes here, you want to look for a way to cut taxes over here. They haven’t done any of that.”

Harris Faulkner, a FOX News anchor, stated, “President Biden says it costs zero.”

“Oh well, I don’t — somebody at the White House has been smoking the devil’s lettuce, okay? I mean, I’m just telling you. They think this is zero. Either that or they think the American people are morons and there believe anything,” he explained.


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