WATCH: Professor David Clements On AZ Audit Presentation: “We Should Be Calling For Decertification… What I’m Hearing Is An Element Of Duress”

The Arizona audit presentation on September 24th showed massive evidence of voter fraud and we still have not seen any real action.

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 Voters – They Don’t Appear to Exist and 73.8% Are Democrat or No Party Affiliation

This investigation has been turned over to Attorney General Mark Brnovich and it is now his job to save America and Arizona’s election.

Professor David Clements tells The Gateway Pundit what we were all thinking. This election needs to be decertified, and the report was watered down because Doug Logan “was under tremendous pressure.”

The Gateway Pundit reported this after an exclusive interview with Doug Logan.

“We Were Threatened” – Exclusive Interview with Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas on the Arizona Senate Forensic Audit – Updated

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to David Clements yesterday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Conradson: A few weeks ago you said that the Arizona audit report would be terrible far worse than imagined, personally I think you called it. What do you think of the Arizona audit report?

Clements: I’m equal parts frustrated, yet also encouraged if that makes sense because you’ve got enough for decertification. You’ve got over 57,000 Illegal ballots. The frustration comes in how the report was articulated. You want to lead with a front page report that tells you, this is the bad stuff make it clear, and what are we going to do with it? And I don’t think we quite got that. But if you dig into the bones of the report, you started getting into 263,000 images that were forensically destroyed. You’ve got a bunch of what appears to be tampering or withholding of evidence. And so you’ve got enough to cover the margin. So we should be calling for decertification.

The frustration is that there was a mandate on how to do a full forensic audit and I don’t think we quite got that. We didn’t get the routers there’s like, there’s some discussion on what we got, and whether we’re going to get what we really want. The canvass, we didn’t get. We had Liz Harris who had tremendous findings which is great. Now, when we hear about intimidation from people like Merrick Garland question is, why didn’t we dig in and tell Merrick Garland to pound sand? We had some brave legislators, one that might be looking at me right now that’s called for that, but we didn’t have enough voices were saying, Look, this isn’t your business. And then there was the missing volume Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, in relation to the kinematic findings. And that’s really important because when you look at the tally, which is what the mainstream press went with, we’ve got votes for Biden. And this was never about doing a recount or a tally, this was about doing a full forensic audit. What Jovan told me was that you had over 1600 ballot boxes 52 of them were sealed the rest weren’t. So you have tremendous chain of custody problems. And then we get into the question of, well what is in those unsealed boxes? We have five months plus, an opportunity to stuff those boxes, we can look at whether or not it was vote secure paper and whether these were counterfeit.

So there’s a lot of questions that have been raised that we still haven’t gotten conclusive answers at least to the public. I mean, I knew that this was bad because I had some knowledge of some of these findings, I’m just going, “wait till everyone sees the report”. Then you also have issues with respect to intimidation and pressure that was put on Doug Logan, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and that’s problematic, because a lot of these folks were under contracts or nondisclosure agreements where they can’t tell you. But what I’m hearing is an element of duress. And so I teach contract law, one of the defenses to contract formation is duress. If you’re depriving someone of the free will to give you the unvarnished truth, because of different economic pressures whether or not funding’s withheld, whether or not someone’s going to be indemnified, that’s an issue. And so really what the American people want is just confidence, they want. We want the best version of an audit that we can get. And I’m not certain that we got that. So it’s, it’s, the question is how do we advocate, going forward, knowing that we have, far, far more than what’s needed to decertify? But also hold the other politicians accountable on why we didn’t get the best audit out there, I mean $9 million is a lot of money. So, those were my initial thoughts, and I’m going to continue to encourage people to decertify and see if we can find out more information that’s out there but it just hasn’t made its way to the public.

Conradson: So you said they were under duress, do you think that the report was watered down.

Clements: I do. I’m taking Doug Logan’s exact words that he was under “tremendous pressure”. But he also said some things that seem to suggest that he’ll stand by the report that was put out there. To me, that doesn’t make sense. That’s as I’m speaking for myself, I mean if you’re under pressure and then you’re under pressure, and pressure to do what? So I can’t speak for Doug, but I know that when I look at a report that talks about issues, we had 57,000 issues. What does that mean? Let’s be precise in our language are we talking about fraudulent votes or are we talking about legal votes? We made it very hard for people to get something that they can work with and demand accountability. And when you have someone like the Governor Doug Ducey, saying that we’re not going to decertify, the night of. He didn’t even digest the report, let it sink and figure out how his constituents would feel about it. He was ready to say, “No, we’re not doing this.” I’m disappointed in Karen Fann. I mean, I’ve been withheld criticism going back quite some time because she is the engine on how we went about getting the audit in the first place. And so you want to wait and see what are we going to get. And one of my chief frustrations with Karen is when something’s subpoenaed and you’ve been told that your subpoenas are lawful and someone doesn’t comply with it, you don’t reissue new subpoenas. You don’t ask for something else and then get ignored. When people would ignore subpoenas that I sent out in the case, and I didn’t get it on time, you’d bring it to the attention of the judge and you’d ask for an emergency hearing right away. And you have someone show cause, and if they can’t show cause you say, “Judge, find them and throw them in jail.” That’s how you get their attention. We knew about not having the routers back in May. It’s October. That’s unacceptable. So those are the frustrations, where Im sitting there going “look and we want to support y’all, I’m telling people to donate, donate money to the audits, and yet we don’t have everything that we’re entitled to.” And so I see, there’s a level of messaging that’s just very inconsistent. And we’ve got some fighters and we got some other folks that I feel like they’re just slow walking us and we’re running out of time. And now a lot of us are concerned about Attorney General Brnovich. Fantastic. If he wants to let go with the audit says, he can act on it but if a law professor from New Mexico State University can figure out the election stolen back in November of last year, there’s no reason for him to wait till October of 2021 to get started. That’s a problem. So we’ll see what happens. I think it’s incumbent upon people like myself to continue to put pressure on people, to encourage those that are doing a great job and praise them, and then call out those that aren’t doing their job.

Conradson: Another thing you know from experience is how swampy our courts are in our criminal justice system. What’s it going to take to actually prosecute the people involved, the people responsible for this? Because we all know that the courts are geared against the people and for the government.

Clements: Yeah, I say I think it is, we’ve got a cancer that’s grown in the judiciary and the legislature in my profession so this isn’t just me calling out the politicians and the judges. But we have to remove that cancer, and I don’t know what else to tell you other than we have to have a very bright spotlight on Brnovich, and hold his feet to the fire. Something should have been done a long time ago I think we had evidence to have indictments in December. So I know when I was a prosecutor, you’d act on things, you’d look at it, you look at the affidavits, you would look at the findings of the Giuliani in those public hearings that I think was eight hours in Arizona alone. And you start digging, and you can convene a grand jury and you can have criminal charges. You can investigate that. That should have happened. Also, the prescription is either people are acting in accordance with reality and it seems like the public is more aware than our politicians. And if they don’t act, then we have to figure out a mechanism to get rid of them.

Michigan Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno also said that the real report was watered down to exclude decertification language.

Attorney Matt DePerno: Arizona Audit Officials Were Threatened – Forced to Water Down Audit Report (VIDEO)

Deperno added a tweet claiming that Senate Attorney Kory Langhofer is suppressing this information from the public. He believes that the leaked report with decertification language, which the auditors say is fake, is, in fact, real.

This is the time to hold attorney General Mark Brnovich’s feet to the fire.

He holds the power to stop this totalitarian attack on our nation and he has a small window of opportunity.

Contact Mark Brnovich now.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

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