Terry McAuliffe Enters Packed Restaurant without a Mask Hugging People Just Days After He Called a Maskless Republican Operative “Dangerous” (VIDEO)

Another day, another Democrat hypocrite.

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on Saturday entered a restaurant without a face mask and hugged people just days after he called a maskless GOP operative “dangerous.”


Earlier this week McAuliffe snapped at a Virginia Rising official when confronted on his claims parents should not be in charge of their child’s education.

Last month during a debate with Republican Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe said he doesn’t believe parents should have a say in what their kids are learning in school.

McAuliffe snapped at a conservative operative and told them they were a danger to him because they weren’t wearing a mask.

“Who do you think should be in charge of education, if not Virginia parents?” the Virginia Rising tracker asked McAuliffe.

“Have you been vaccinated yet?! That’s the question I want to know….You should have a mask on! You’re dangerous here,” McAuliffe said while pointing his finger and scolding the tracker.


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