Mike Lindell Explains Coming Landmark Supreme Court Case and Class Action Dominion Lawsuit: “We’ve Got To FIX 2020 FIRST”

Mike Lindell is laser-focused on fixing 2020 before another election can be stolen from the American people ever again.

In addition to his $1.6 billion Dominion lawsuit, Mike Lindell is onboarding State Attorneys General for a massive Supreme Court case aimed at looking into the vast evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.

Sign the petition to encourage the Supreme Court to accept the bill and save America at fix2020first.com!

The audit volunteers and election fraud witnesses are also taking on Dominion with a major class-action lawsuit.

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Dominion is serving regular, everyday people, with legal documents for doing the right thing and speaking up. They are intimidating Americans with threats of lawfare and intentionally placing them under duress.

Professor David Clements told The Gateway Pundit that the Arizona Senate and the auditors are also under duress, and it is depriving everybody of the truth. This is a serious issue.

Attorney Matt DePerno: Arizona Audit Officials Were Threatened – Forced to Water Down Audit Report (VIDEO)

They’ve even put regular people under duress with the fear of internet censorship, government watchlists, and an army of fake news propagandists to bully, scare, and silence us.

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If the election was stolen, which it was, Dominion doesn’t even want us talking about it. 

Conradson: Mike Lindell recently dropped a huge class-action lawsuit against Dominion. Can you tell us what happened?

Lindell: Yeah, the Dominion lawsuit, that was actually all of the poll watchers and stuff. These are regular everyday people, they were volunteers and they got, Dominion served them papers. Threatening letters and papers, using lawfare basically to try and scare them and so they’re actually the plaintiffs. All these great patriots and anyone that was a poll watcher, that was part of it got a threatening letter. There were hundreds of them from Dominion to stop them from speaking out. They say you need to stop right now and that’s what this class action suit is all about.

Conradson: What kind of threat was it?

Lindell: For one thing, they wanted to you know some of them said, preserve all the evidence that you have, and they’re going what? What did I do? They didn’t even know what they did. A lot of them said, hey, don’t talk anymore. They’re going, well what do you mean don’t talk? You know, I mean it’s beyond imagination what Dominion did to these people back then in November, December, January. You know these were volunteers that came out and a lot of them had to get security systems for their houses. They felt threatened therefore their families, and they had never gotten anything like this before. I actually was one of them way back when but with my background and stuff, I’m going, Oh, yeah this looks like something right out about mafia letter I used to get when I bet football back in the day. “Pay by tomorrow, or else.” You know. And my letter says, “You quit talking about us!”, basically. And “or else I’m going to…” you know. But for everyday people, this was very threatening. And then right after that, they serve us all these letters, and then they started putting out billion-dollar lawsuits against people, that you’ve never heard of anything like in history. It’s like, we’re suing you for 1.3 billion, and you for 1.3 billion and, and then as using lawfare. So these people lived in fear now for about 7, 8, 9 months, some of them, and they’ve had it. They’ve all came together and there’s even more and more jumping on board this class action lawsuit.

Conradson: I saw a great video from the volunteers at a1000cuts.org. They were all able to break the silence now that their NDA period is over. They said that they saw a lot of things that weren’t presented in the final audit presentation.

Lindell: Yeah, they didn’t put up how fast stuff was in yesterday, you know, and there was stuff that was cut out of there. Dominion, whether Dominion removed the logs from the 2020 election, and or somebody did. And actually, they have it on video, they actually know who did it, but they’re keeping their names out of it. For now, hoping they flip you know, we’ve got a lot of whistleblowers too that used to work for dominion and, you know, Dominion also deleted all the logs in Colorado. That’s, another huge case going on. Mesa County, and it’s called the trusted build. They go around, delete all the 2020 election, which they’re supposed to, it’s a federal crime, and a state crime. You know, they have to preserve evidence for 22 months. And all of the lawsuits that Dominion and Smartmatic, all of them have, they have to preserve evidence. Remember, I sued Dominion for 1.6 billion. You know, okay, you sue me for this. I’ll sue you too. This isn’t a countersuit. This is an actual lawsuit. What they’ve done with our first amendment rights of free speech is disgusting.

Conradson: Why was the report watered down?

Lindell: You know, I don’t know. And that that’s terrible, too. They never gave up the routers, I don’t believe they still have. You know, the routers show who did it and everything. All the evidence I’ve had for months now, with the packet captures and the data from the 2020 election would match up to what those routers exactly. But they didn’t put the routers out there. They didn’t even put down, it’s very strange, because let me tell you, I use this analogy. Let’s say I gave you $1,000 and I have $200 we count our money and it’s $1200. Well, then, they did this recount of the paper. Well, it came out this $1,000 and $200. But then we looked at your money, and you have Monopoly money. And now and now you really only had $100! That’s what happened in Arizona. That’s what happened across our country. Well, they’re counting the monopoly money again instead of, they’re leaving it out that these were fake ballots. They were printed on little pieces of paper like this. They weren’t printed on a ballot paper. Remember Arizona had one whole week before they turned in their last 1% of Maricopa County. It doesn’t take you a week to count it. But it does take a week to try and hide the corruption. Then also they had months, a couple of months when that audit, when they got subpoenas and everything else ordered for that audit. Well, I think it was a night before, they show up people in there deleting the logs. But also leading up to that, it’s easy to make sure that the actual paper matches what they’re going to count.

You got to realize the media is the biggest part of this too. When you got Fox,  I have a new saying,”don’t go Fox on me”. That means don’t go silent on me. Fox doesn’t talk about anything. As you guys know, Fox suppresses the election. They did it. They’ve done it since November when they called Arizona early. And they’ve been part of this. They’ve been part of the cover-up and it’s disgusting.

Conradson: The media is running with, “This was a recount and Biden won.” But no, this was a full forensic audit. So this massive evidence of fraud, it’s been turned over to Arizona Attorney General Brnovich. He needs to do the right thing. I knew that you’ve been onboarding Attorneys General across the nation. Can you tell us what you have going on?

Lindell: Yeah, well we have going on everybody, is what I’ve been telling everyone since February. Since I came out with the movie Absolute Proof. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage everybody to watch it at frankspeech.com. But at frankspeech.com now, we’ve just put up a new petition. It’s called fix2020first.com. That petition you can sign up for the Supreme Court to accept this case. This is the case, this has nothing to do with my Dominion lawsuits. This is the case I’ve been telling everyone about since February. This is the Attorneys General and the states going to the Supreme Court, which is going to happen before Thanksgiving. We keep getting more and more Attorneys General on board here. And to get this election looked at and pulled down. The whole thing is, will they look at it? That’s the big key. Supreme Court you need to protect our country and look at this. We cannot make it to 2022.

Everyone, the polls are out now and over 40% of Democrats believe this election was stolen. Their eyes are getting more open every day because of the terrible things that this administration is doing to our country and for that matter the world. I mean they’re just destroying things.

Conradson: The County Recorder and one of the County Supervisors, we found out in leaked audios that they also support getting rid of Dominion before the next election cycle. It’s absolutely insane. What does President Trump think of the Arizona audit results and just the massive resistance to the election integrity movement?

Lindell: Well, obviously he was looking forward to Arizona coming out. He knew the media was going to try and suppress it, like they did. They went Fox on us. But one of the things he’s been very, very outspoken on, is we’ve got to fix 2020 first. Everyone keeps saying, Are you running in 2024? He’s not going to give you that answer. Because if he did say that, think about this, that’d be like giving up on 2020. If we don’t fix 2020 first, 2022 doesn’t even make any difference. All the money that’s spent on campaigns and stuff will mean zero. And I’m telling you that, it will mean absolutely zero. This wasn’t just a one time steal, they took our country. They took senators, they took down tickets, we would have the house if you’re a Republican. You’d have the House, the Senate, and the President right now. other senators, both senators in Georgia are won by Republicans. John James in Michigan, Jason Lewis in Minnesota, the list goes on and on.

When you have a cyber attack, and you have a cyber attack, everybody. And when you have like gas lines, and you have computers, or you have companies, or you have credit card companies, they happen every day in our country, all over the world. That’s what they do. It’s good guys, bad guys. Hack, we put a block up. Hack, we put a block up. That can also all be covered with money, it’s all a money thing. But when you take an election, when you hack an election, using computers, in the age we’re living in, it’s over. That means you took the country, the freedoms or their country, we’re all seeing it happening. Now, everyone’s going, Biden this and Biden that, because everything goes back to November 3rd. They have this plan, everything goes back to November 3, you took it all and they’re not let up. You think if I’d have been their marketers, you know what I would have said on Inauguration Day I would have said, “Let’s not do anything stupid now to hurt the country until they shut up about 2020.” Because they could have just started opening up states. Instead, on the first day they lay off 50,000 union jobs, raise our gas so that everyone else overseas makes the money, and destroy our economy. We got double digit, we have inflation coming like you’ve never seen before. I’m in business, and I’m telling you the shipping and everything else that goes with it. The raw materials, we got some bad stuff coming. But you know what, in a way, it’s a good thing because everyone’s getting their eyes opened up and they’re looking at it going, “Wow, Maybe we should look at the 2020 election. What do we have to lose over here?” Because I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. If there’s never a fair election again, ever, It’s over for everybody. our freedoms are gone. I have liberal, conservative, liberal friends, conservative friends, and they’re all saying the same thing right now. This is horrible.

Election integrity is the number one issue in our country and we can never move on from 2020. This ultimate violation of our rights must be archived in history as The Big Lie.

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Mike Lindell makes a great point, we still do not know what happened with the physical ballots in Arizona. The matching hand count does not mean that the machines were not hacked. They had internet access after all.

They had months to make sure the paper matched the machine count before this audit happened.

Auditors originally found deficiencies in the number of ballots per box. They later found that boxes were missing ballots, but other boxes contained excess ballots. The final ballot count was discovered to be even with Maricopa County’s count.

How did the boxes become this way with such often incorrect pink sheet totals?

Were they removing trump votes from some boxes and stuffing boxes with fake Biden votes?

Or are our elections are so mismanaged and messy that we can’t trust them to count our votes accurately, even if they tried?

The Arizona audit volunteers revealed disturbing issues that they witnessed on the floor. They say many ballots appeared to have been filled out by a machine, they were printed on “very, very thin” paper, and “odd patterns” by which the ballots were placed in the boxes.

President Trump Posts Letter from Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright – Puts Maricopa County on NOTICE: Preservation Of Evidence/Litigation Hold


Push the Supreme Court to intervene and check the power of the fraudulently elected leaders at fix2020first.com.

Contact your State Attorney General, and tell them to meet with Mike Lindell and to jump on the Supreme Court case on behalf of your state.

Last Friday, Lindell told a crowd of honest media creators in Tulsa, Oklahoma that he only needs one AG, but he may have six already. And maybe another when Mark Brnovich sees how he’s been lied to.

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The Arizona audit investigation is in the hands of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who now needs to decide if he will save our Country.

Contact Mark Brnovich and demand a criminal investigation AND his support in Lindell’s Supreme Court case. 

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is now on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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